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End of Anchor- What Next?

Hello all,

I’m at the end of an anchor cycle. Previously I had done 2 cycles of Leader- 5’s Pro, 5x5 FSL with 25-50 assistance in push/pull/core, then one cycle of Anchor- PR’s, 3x3 SSL with 50-100 assistance in push/pull/core.

I feel great after this anchor cycle (a bit deflated after so many 5’s for so long), so I’m not sure what to do next- whether to do another Anchor cycle, go back to the same Leader, or try something else, maybe BBB?

I don’t have Forever yet, but do have the other books. I play American Football recreationally, and so my goals are to get stronger/faster for that- and just to enjoy lifting.

Thanks in advance!

yep just give BBB a try. May need to lower your training max a bit, you just did 5x5 with everything so if you repeated with the same training max doing double the reps with the same weight will be hard.

Would it make sense to increase the TM as appropriate, but do BBB at 50% for the first cycle and at 60% for the second cycle?

Also, if I’m doing BBB how does that affect the assistance exercises? 0-25 for all categories, or should I prioritise pulls and core as I will be getting alot of pushing work with BBB?

It appears these are your goals. These should essentially guide your decision making on what programming to pursue next.

If you are in-season I would think BBB might be a bit much to recover from depending on how intense your rec league is and how many practices you have a week. However, if you are in the middle of the off-season BBB is a good way to add some good quality muscle.

There is a book written called 531 for Football, but I don’t think its available for sale anymore.

Personally, I would say get your hands on a copy of Forever as soon as possible, it will show you how to adapt 531 to your goals whatever they may be.