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End of an Era.....Adios, Stern!


For those of us stuck in the basement of our jobs with the inability to get any type of radio wave yahoo is doing a Live broadcast of part of Sterns last day at KRock. Here's the link for those interested.



XM provides online access to the digital music stream. Sirius, I believe, does the same thing. So if you have an internet connection in that basement, you can still get his show.


Neph I know that. I'm talking about todays last show. Sirius will have the internet broadcast of Stern when he starts. Yahoo is doing a web video special of his last show at KRock today.


Yeah I'm watching the Yahoo stream right now.

I'm curious about this Black Panther fist emblazoned on their arm bands.


It's not a Black Panther thing: if you look carefully, the middle two fingers form an "H".

Bad logo, though. You shouldn't have to have the meaning of a logo pointed out to you.


I invented walking, tell 'em fred...hoo hoo


As usual, an O&A fan can't resist knociking the best.

Stern is the T-Nation of morning radio...O&A are more like Flex or Men's fitness. Decent but, come on, get sirius here.


Sorry, didn't read carefully!


Yeah I concur, I thought initially that it was a Black Panther "fight the power" kind of thing, then I remember Hunter S. Thompson having a similar logo back when he ran for Mayor of Aspen in the 70's, so maybe it was a tribute to him?

Glad you clarified, thanks.



Please! Stern's daily life is so far removed from the experiences of the average reader of this website that he has become absolutely unrelateable and a bad parody of his former, hungry self. The guy is 51, tries to act and dress like he's 25, and has become paranoid and lazy beyond belief. He's the Muscle and Fitness of morning radio: no substance, tired bits, and full of bad information. Have fun paying for new content three hours a day, four days a week, 9 months a year.

Hate on O&A if you must, but they are doing fantastic, smart radio these days. And I guarantee the average reader of this website has way more in common with O&A than Stern.


Somebody here is a rabid fanbot.....

:looks around:


prolly why i like howard.
everyone i hang w/ thinks he's somekinda o&A clone/wannabe jackass.


Fuck Stern, goodbye and good riddance.


Nice job of responding to the points I made. Way easier to make a backhanded insult than actually try to respond in an informed manner.


Stuff Stern did in the late 80's to mid 90's was the best radio ever. Jackie, Billy West...
He?s jumped the shark since his divorce.

O& A are pretty good but they were fans of Stern before they made it in radio. I had a friend in college who competed in the ?Jackie contest? on the Stern show once and he lost to Anthony. They are probably angry that he did not embrace them and he is probably too paranoid that they are ripping him off. It would make for a very good group therapy session (moderated by Imus) if someone could get them together. As far as relating to any of them, how many people can relate to anyone who is successful in show business and making millions.
Baba Buie and Hoo Hoo to you all

If you are fan of the Underdog Lady back from the Stern?s old TV show on Channel 9 (UPN)
check out


What points did you make beside going off on a tangent and voicing your easily recognizable preference of O&A?

He may be tired to you but there are $500 million other reasons as to why he isnt tired.


Absolutely. They took him off the air in January and I didn't miss him at all. Kind of sad that his show sunk so far so fast.


Yup. Jackie and Gary Puppets, Billy doing Evil Jay Leno and Marge Schott, dissecting the Magic Johnson show, talking about the OJ case, Kinison and Gilbert hanging out for the news...the best radio that's ever been broadcast


Gilbert and Adam Corolla (sp?) are hysterical when on Stern. Gilbert is one of the most pure laughers I have ever heard.


Yeah that's the only way I can tolerate Gilbert, in small doses. I can't look at the guy so little guest spots now and again were perfect for him in my mind.