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End of 6th Week. Feeling Side Effects or Overtraining?

My cycle looks this:

Test E 600mg 1-12 weeks (2 shots weekly)
Dbol 40mg 2-6 weeks
I also take arimidex 0.5mg EOD from 2nd week (when I started Dbol, because I had symptoms of aromatasion)
Don’t me ask about PCT, I want to do B&C.

So I’m ending 6th week now, I’ve already gained about 15lbs, strenght goes extremely up (now I can squat 420lbs for reps). Confident and libido through the roof (sometimes I’m very arrogant heh) I love it! Ehh sorry I LOVED IT. Because that all was just till last week, from the evening of this Monday I feel like shit…My confident went down, I’m so tired and lethargic, joints hurt so much and no motivation. I have also stopped gaining and my veins dissappeared. I don’t think it’s something with E2 levels, because my libido is still very high (will get my bloodwork next week).

Do you think it could be overtraining? Because I train 6 days a week(sometimes 7) and last week I lifted very hard, so I think it could be something with my CNS. I took 2 days off and from tomorrow I’m starting to train very lightly. What do you think?

I don’t think its overtraining. That’s a lot of bunk IMO unless you are an older fella that went from 0-60 too fast. Plus, with the cycle, you should be able to train more and recover faster.

Did you cease the dbol? Are you still running .5mg Arimedex EOD? That’s a ton brother. Your symptoms described are indicative of low E2.

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I agree with @blshaw…I doubt you’re over training and bet you’ve got an E2 issue. Get a blood test and I bet we’ll see that you’ve crashed your E with that Adex dosing.

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Combination of low e2 and elevated liver enzymes from the dbol, probably. The lethargy is sort of a classic symptom of both, which makes it tougher to nail down. But joint pain is a common low e2 symptom.

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Okay, I’m quitting Dbol this Sunday…I started arimidex at 0.25mg EOD from that 2nd week and was running it till half of 5th week, I upped the dose because symptoms of gyno was starting to occur + I was bloated too much.

I think you’re right, I crushed my estro, I overdosed it… No gyno, no bloating, but daamn…I feel like walking zombie now, heh. I’ll get off arimidex now and I will see.

You didn’t say if you were cutting or bulking… If cals are low you may feel like ass just due to the cut…i know im on a cut cycle now and by end of week I feel like ass. All the juice in the world wont help if your in a drastic cut or sleep is off.

I’m bulking and my cals are high. :wink:

If you want to get your e2 up fast then take the dbol for another day or two without any arimidex. That’ll fix it quick.

10-20mg of nolva per day on cycle works better for most guys on cycle to stop itchy nipples.