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End of 2nd Week PCT, No Libido

Ok, so i’m on my second week of Nolva @40mg.

My libido is shot. When i should i start to worry? This PCT will go on for another 4 weeks. I’m hoping by then everything gets back to baseline.

Not unusual at all. At week four or five I’d start to be a little concerned.

I had such a raging libido on cycle that i don’t remember what it was like before. that’s could be a problem as well, ha.

It’s a sharp contrast for sure. You’ll be fine, it just takes some time for your body to adjust to these wild changes.


going from being in the mood to jerk off every day 2-3 times a day to being in the middle of doing and it and going ‘meh’

is pretty funny. hopefully this passes quick.

This usually happens on my third week of PCT (I call it the “turd week”); by the 4th week I’m usually back to around normal. Give it some time, you’ll probably be fine.

Yeah i’m on my 3rd week of nolva. I felt really good today. No more tiredness, and i had a good workout but i’m starting to feel a bit emotional and my libido is still nonexistent.

woke up today with a semi and some urges.

my libido is coming back!

Good, keep going

What would be considered too long of a PCT? I’m on week 4 starting tomorrow, but have enough for another 4.

If you’re taking tamoxifen, it’s usually 4 weeks but like someone on here used to say “a bit more nolva never hurt anybody”. So if you’re going a few weeks longer it would not be that bad. You could for example go 6 weeks and lower the dose a bit.

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my libido is coming back but my woodies are not stiff. what could this be a sign of? i’m going to do bloodwork after PCT is done but i am wondering what this could signify.

Perhaps residual high e2, or test low enough that you have a little sex drive but still no real erection quality. Remember that libido is in your brain, too. I mean, I guess everything is mediated by the brain, but you know what I mean. Erections can be induced by meds that control blood flow, but it’s tougher to will someone to be in the mood.

Right now i wouldn’t say my erections are limp, they’re just not raging like it was on cycle, hopefully my test comes back to normal. On monday i will have 1 more week of PCT. My balls are huge compared to what it was on cycle. I didn’t realize at the time but yeah they definitely shrank towards the end of the 16th week. It seems like my libido is almost back to normal. On, i must have been jerking off and/or having sex 3 times a day minimum. Craziness.

Everything else seems fine now. My head is a bit more clear and not foggy, memory is ok, but my workouts… i’ve definitely have gotten weaker and that sucks. My drive for the gym also took a hit but hopefully that too returns to normal.

How long should i wait until i do bloodwork? About a month should be good, right?