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End Cutting Phase Ideas


Hi bros!

Been awhile since my last posts, after a longer time cruising than anticipated I am now into week 5 of my Test-e/dbol bulk.
Front loaded 750 Test for 3 weeks and will continue with 500mg for another 10 weeks or so.
Dbol is 40mg ED and going well(4weeks), enough to get great pumps and strength without any issues.
edit - Also using Adex ofcourse, 0.7mg EOD and going well.

Just looking for some good options for a leaning out phase for the last 5ish weeks of the cycle,
Ideas i have for the moment are:

  • Tren 50mg EOD and wini 30-50mg ED

  • Deca 500 (5weeks) + Wini 50-70mg (adding the deca to aid fullness and joint protection because wini may be an issue as i have not used it before.)

  • Some other ideas from you guys???


I’d say to run EQ if you were trying to lean out for more than 5 weeks. I had EQ for about 10 weeks and Masteron towards the end of my last show prep. That shit was golden. You’ll look vascular af if you are lean. I wouldn’t use them if you have a higher bf% though.