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Enclomiphene Half Life, Dosing?

Just wondering if someone can help me out with the math. Enclomiphene has a half life of 11 hours (not Clomid). How should I go about dosing? If I take before bed will I just sleep through it’s effects? Should I split into 2 doses 11 hours apart? I know test usually takes about 3 weeks for blood levels to stabilize with a half life of ~ 12 days. How do you actually calculate at what point a compound will stabilize in the body given it’s half life - is there a formula?

You should start out clomid at 25mg EOD, even every 3-4 days works well for some.

is it good ? I read that is doesn’t work as good as trt ? if work at all ?

Some people can tolerate clomid and feel well from it, others like me cannot.

Clomid positives are it does not shut your HPTA like TRT and does not reduce your fertility but even boosts it.

The negatives are many people feel shitty from it. One way to find out - try it. For short periods and responsible dosages it is pretty safe.

Enclomiphene (NOT CLOMID) - it is actually antiestrogenic so no worries about the usual Clomid side effects. My question was on half lives. It has a half life of 11 hour, what would be the ideal way to dose it

The trials that I just read on it used once a day dosing, probably to mimic natural rhythms of test production.