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Enclomiphene Citrate vs Clomid?

What’s best?

Unfortunately you cannot get it outside USA

Oh that sucks. Do you think it’s better than clomid?

Havent tried it but I think it will not work long term like clomid as well

Are there any doctors prescribing this or this just “order on the internet”?

Does it Improve symptoms

Keeping your balls working is nice

It’s not an actual approved drug. It is also no more likely to do anything that Clomid doesn’t do. If you improve function great, if you end up right where you started before taking it, then you are right where you started. The problem is that it doesn’t actually fix anything, it just attempts to trick your body into trying to maintain a higher level. It doesn’t address the reason you are low to begin with.

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No nothing does

It’s just a different drug approach that’s all

Usually. They really haven’t advanced much in this field yet. It’s just which flavour of band-aid you prefer at the moment, and test has the best risk vs reward.

There is no reason to not take if for life - if it works -, just like TRT.