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Enathate 300 ...

Question, I started this cycle 2 weeks ago and I have one more 10Ml Vial left, I hope I can continue to get more before I run out but my guy is so unpredictable. My Question is, Will I need to add something to this cycle if I want to avoid Bitch tits?

That’s not a cycle it’s a bit above TRT. Very unlikely you’d need an AI / SERM but stranger things happened. I’d look into some HCG though if you like your balls the size they are/were. I’d look into PCT protocols too.

Hold on…you’re doing 300mg a week? And you started two weeks ago? And you have “one 10ml vial left?” Or do you mean 300mg a day? Half-life of test e is 5.5 days(commonly mistaken for 11 days but actually 5.5 days) - so taking every day is stupid. What exactly are you taking and how often? I’m confused here.