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Enanthate & Widstrol Cycle

What’s up T-Nation.

I’m about to do a Cycle of Enanthate & widstrol, but I got a few questions before starting out.

I plan on doing
10 weeks Enanthate in which i will be injecting twice a week, 500mg/w.

When that’s over I will be taking windstrol, but that’s where my questions come in.

    • Some people do Enanthate & widstrol together… whats the difference, should I? It’s my 1st cycle.
    • I’m affraid of the erectile dysfunction windstrol may cause, should I take it with a testosterone booster? or do you suggest something else?

So crazy, there was a guy just as clueless as you posting about a TestE followed by Winnie cycle and he mispelled it the same way you do, but everyone told him how absurd it was. You don’t suppose it’s possible he opened another account just to ask more stupid questions about a retarted cycle, do you?

P.s. If you’re taking testosterone, you won’t need a test booster, dipshit.
If you are for real, please read and do some research about steroids for a solid year before you hurt yourself.


But really…It’s guys like this that make me hate online forums…