Enanthate vs Cypionate Aromatization

I’ve seen a few people on here say that Enanthate aromatizes into e2 less than Cypionate. Is there any proof showing this or does anyone have any personal experience? I have both available to me so if it’s true I’d look in to switching.

There is no difference. The Ester is irrelevant. It’s not the Ester that converts, it’s the testosterone that converts. You do not need to be concerned about E2 with replacement levels of testosterone.


There have been some anecdotal reports, nothing to worry about at TRT doses. Some guys also feel that they respond better to one over the other. Again, anecdotal and probably mostly psychological. I seriously doubt you’d tell any difference.


Ok thanks, I’ll just stick with my current Cypionate protocol. I saw that comment again recently and it peaked my interest.

I recently tried propionate, which is probably the only accessible ester that’s any different, and only in its half life. I only noticed mood swings and lumps after every injection. Decided I felt much more level and better overall on cypionate and switched back.

I’ve been tempted to try enanthate, but only out of curiosity. I’m yet to find anyone who speaks of it feeling different.

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Some people are sensitive to certain oils. You need to find one that works for you. It won’t have anything to do with aromatization. If one gives you lumps and makes you itch, switch to a different oil. Enanthate comes in various oils as does cypionate.

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I respond differently to enanthate versus cypionate, if I had to some it up for you cypionate has more of a kick to it. It’s not subtle, it’s a big difference in how I feel.

I went from 7mg cypionate to 7mg enanthate and wow what a difference!

On what protocol?

This is because you feel the propinate as soon as you inject it, it is very fast acting. So what you felt is highly logical. On cypionate everything will happen much more slow. Also a great deal with the propinate is made with crappy oil, even the pharmaceutical and a lot of people have reactions from it.

If you have issues with aromatization you can try enanthate but give it enough time. In other forums I’ve also read reports that it aromatizes less the cypionate, nobody seems to know why. My dealer is also on the same opinion, this is what his clients reported to him.

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Where does anyone mention proprionate? Besides, has this happened to you with your vast TRT experience? You’ve been on for a week.

The guy I answer to says he inject propionate. And yes I can relate to that because I feel slight energy after injection, my ester also contains propionate

Prop def did have a little more of a kick to it, but that started to level out.

I found the “lows” to be too low though, and the highs at times were too much. It very quickly became a chore to work with it. I have enough issues with ups and downs in how I feel without adding another.

That said, some guys still do prefer prop it seems (Defy agreed when I asked). But Defy also implied a big complaint with prop is the up/down feeling.

yes, definetely and this is why enanthate/cypionate are prefer for TRT

Propinate is mostly used by bodybuilders but again with other esters

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You’re making me a little nuts. I understand that you very much get in your own head about things, it’s who you are. But there a few things you have a little wrong. The test prop doesn’t cause a reaction in people because of it’s carrier oil, most people that react are actually reacting to the solvent used to make the steroid. The higher concentration the suspensions is, the more solvent was used. Body builders do not typically use Prop with other esters. They use Prop with other compounds that are not testosterone - like trenbolone, masteron, anavar, anadrol… the prop is just there to make sure they have test that their body isn’t producing and it lets them taper off a cycle and get to PCT faster than using a long ester.
Lastly, before @dbossa 's head explodes (although I am finding him entertaining lately), you honestly do not have enough prop in your daily injection to do sweet dick all for you. That’s one of the reasons I think Sustanon/Omnadren is a terrible choice for daily injection frequency. You never get enough short ester at a time to actually do anything for you. I know you believe you feel it, and that’s great because belief alone can do wonders, but you seriously are not feeling the prop the way that you are dosing that product.


@hardartery I just KNEW that, eventually, we would become BFF’s LMAO!


So the increased energy and improved errections after I started injecting are all in my head? Sorry, but this powerful placebo think you talk about does not work with me

Yeah, actually I think that it is. You underestimate the power of placebo. Long term it fails, but at that point the longer esters should have kicked in for you. I’m not trying to convince you, you’re better off believing.

I can tell you with 100% certainty experimenting with enanthate then to cypionate then back enanthate. All same dosages. My E2 was double on cypionate. Then back to previous level.


Cypionate has one extra carbon chain than enanthate and a half-life difference. I think for someone as sensitive as myself, if anyone would notice a difference it’s me. I didn’t need labs to be able to feel a difference, it obvious in the way that I feel.

Strangely when I tried enanthate on an EOD protocol, something very weird happened, I became extremely cold, I would wake up in the morning feeling as though I was waking up with no clothes on in antarctica, my hands, fingers were ice cold and body was shivering and my teeth were chattering.

That was on 20mg enanthate, switched to 20mg cypionate and the me the human popsicle turned into a warm blooded human again. To this day I don’t know what the fu** happened.

As I’ve discussed with bodybuilders they also claim that cypionate is more anabolic than enanthat, nobody seems to understand why. Yet the tow have the same half life but seems some interesting differences. I did not start using any of them because I can get only UGL in either of them

I’ve heard this as well, I’m sure one day we’ll find out why. The bell curve on cypionate using my imagination, the peaks are longer because of the half-life whereas the enanthate probably peaks and drops off more quickly creating tall, sharper peak and trough.