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Enanthate/sus cycle

If I were to do a cycle with 2500mg of enanthate and 2500 of Sus…with clomid and nolvadex…what would be the best way to cycle these and gain around 30-40 pounds and keep at least 25? I am 27yr old, 6’, 200lbs, 15% BF, first cycle

Ain’t gonna happen. Your supply is weak. You need at least 10,000 mg. You have 5,000. Refer to the “Grammabol cycle” in a previous issue of t-mag. If that is what you want to gain, then you have to up the dosage. Keeping it? Well, keep training hard and eating right. 500 iu of Hcg every other day for two weeks after helps also.

you need 3000mg/week If you use clomid and nolvadex with the testosterone. here s why: with clomid and nolvadex a huge part of the testosreone you inject still turns into estrogen(female hormone).It s like flushing 20-50% of your testsoterone ampules down the toilet. If that huge part of testo didn t turn into estrogen, then you would end up with much more muscle-building testosterone…and saving money!..right? Use arimidex instead. it stops the aromatization process.1/4 arimidex tab every 5 th day is enough. I swear it. clomid is crap. hcg is crap. forget about them… I m just trying to help you not to waist your money.

I would go through the sust first, since it has prop in it, and will thus get blood levels up quickly. Maybe 1g the first week and then 500 mg/week thereafter. While I don’t know if you’ll gain 25 lbs., I would expect impressive results. A friend of mine has relatively the same stats, but has maybe 3 or 4 cycles under his belt… I don’t think he’s ever gone over 500 mg/week and he’s put on 20 lbs this cycle (5-6 weeks into it). Also, a very small amount of arimidex would be good. Clomid also,esp. @ the end. Good luck