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Enanthate or Propionate EOD?

As per title, I’m willing to give EOD a trial. Maximum I’ve been has been 50mg twice a week, and it doesn’t solve tiredness and anxiety. It actually makes anxiety worse.

I’m thinking to try 30/35 mg EOD, going above 100 mg for the first time (I’m quite sensible to all medications in general).
So the question is: should I do 30 mg of propionate EOD or 35 mg of enanthate EOD?
I’m leaning towards propionate, but I would like to hear people opinions.

I’m having great success doing test cyp QOD. Very similar to enanthate. I think I would want do prop daily, but that thinking is from my cycle days and may not be right

If you feel good with this protocol, why do you want to go to daily injections?
How much are you injecting btw? Do you have labs?

I meant if I was to take test prop, I would want to do that daily. I take 210mg T weekly, don’t have current labs

That’s actually the source of my doubts. I’ve seen on several forums people saying they take propionate EOD and feel better than ED.
I recall @highpull citing a guy taking propionate twice a week and still showing high levels at through.

Can’t do daily anyway. When I tried my testosterone was actually pooling and my E2 was the double than a bi-weekly protocol, hence worsening the T/E2 ratio.

Try QOD and see if you feel good. But I would guess prop for TRT is more hassle

If you know that you can’t do daily then I would just stick with enanthate every other day