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Enanthate/EQ Progress


Awhile back I posted about how to stack everything i had and had many responses to it. jsut thought i'd update ya on how its goin.

I ended up dividing up what I have to make 2 separate cycles and right now i'm on:

800/800mgs a week of Test Enanthate and EQ. These doses are split up into 2 shots on monday, and 2 on thursday.

I've never had a cycle give me such great gains right off the start. I just started my 3rd week and I've already gained 12lbs. Yes i know its mostly water and also for the fact that I'm eating much more than I usually do. But across the board, all my lifts are going way up. I get about 3-5 reps more on almost every exercise I do right now.

And because I know someone will ask, here is my workout routime:
Mon: chest
Tues: back
Wed: legs
Thurs: upper chest and shoulders
Fri: arms
and I also throw in abs just on how worn out i am that day.



I've begun my first cycle just recently, with albeit lower initial quantities, but experienced NO gains in strength..etc.



It has to only be the Test-E, as the EQ has not had enough time to work.

Question for you, how long are you planning on running the EQ? It will work much better on longer runs (14-16 weeks).


well i've got enough EQ at this dosage to last me 20 weeks. However, I only have enough test to last me about 12. but i do have a buttload of tren and winny (both 100mg) at my disposal and was thinking of trying to incorporate that into the end of my cycle somehow.


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What you have will be a great cycle!

12 weeks of Test-E and 20 weeks of Eq, along with adding Winny the last 6 weeks of the cycle. Good quality gains that should last.

I agree to not adding the Tren, it is very harsh and would do better has a stand alone run with Masteron and/or 1-Test cyp.