Can anyone tell me if a 2gm frontload (day 1) of enanthate would be suitable for a 2 on 4 off protocol, I want to run dbol 50gm split dose ed to day 14. Will I be “off” by the start of week 3(10-14 day halflife). While I have the experts attention; why will taking clomid while “on” help me when all the authorities on the subject are catagorical that shutdown is inevitable after the 2 week mark?

Even if we set the half-life of the test at 7 days, at the beginning of week 3 you would still have 500mg in your system. That is still a supraphysiological amount and would cause suppression.

enanthate is not a good choice for a 2 week cycle because of its 2 week half life. try prop or suspension.