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Enan to Cyp - Issues?


My latest prescription is for test cyp. I've been using enan for the past few months - will there be any issue switching to cyp when the enan runs out? I used cyp before, but didn't know if I would need to front load or anything like that when I switch esters.


I don't believe there is any need to make any major adjustments.
What is your dosage and injection schedule?


100mg/wk (50mg on Monday and Thursday). hCG 250iu Tues/Thurs/Sat. RC Adex .05mg EOD (over responder).


that's the normal protocol for T-Cyp as well.

I was on 2mg AI a day until I got my cortisol levels fixed. and when my cortisol levels dropped, my estradiol jumped back up.


Ok, so I'll just switch when the enan runs out. Thanks!


For all intents and purposes, they're identical--I doubt you'll feel any difference nor see it in lab work.