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EMS Reviews/Recomendations?

I’ve been interested in getting an EMS device for quite a while for both rehab of minor injuries and maximum power training. I’ve seen the various articles from CT and the like recommending them but I haven’t been able to find much in the way of reviews on actual units. Given the costs of units of the brands mentioned by CT (Compex and Sporecup) I’m quite reluctant to invest without seeking more information. Another brand I’d like input on the brand Cefal if possible since I’ve seen it listed for sale on sites offering the other two brands and I assume that means that it may be a quality maker.

So to the owners and users out their, what brands and models have you used and how have they worked for you? Any recommendations on a relatively inexpensive but still quality model?

I too would like a recommendation. I recently broke my right scaphoid (wrist). Unfortunately this break came back to back with a recovery period for an operation on my opposite wrist (yes - I’m in the wars) and after 4 months of atrophy my arms are now in terrible shape. While I spend hopefully my last month in plasters I’d really like some sort of arm work out that won’t endanger the bone recovery in my wrist.

If you are interested in EMS or interested in ‘muscle memory’ then check this abstract out:

If there aren’t any machines on the market that can do a simultanious crossed electrode stimulation it seems clear that there should be. Maybe an electrician friend of mine may help me modify an EMS machine to do this. Meanwhile, what machine is worth investing in?