EMS Positions

After reading the think-tank thing on EMS, I dug out my brother’s “ab toner” from the attic. Nifty little machine, looks ridiculous but if CT recommends it, I’m there.

So, does anybody know anything about where to put EMS electrodes on the muscles? I have no desire to EMS my abs as the booklet suggests, and I don’t feel my pecs need it either. It has diagrams for those. But I want to use EMS on the posterior chain and my traps, but the book don’t say nothing about how to use it on non-“show” muscles.

I’m using this for strength and force production, not “toning”.

I was wondering also whether EMS was safe to use on the erectors (a T-mag article mentions it in passing as OK). Last thing I want to do is pull my lower back with this freaky gadget.

If anybody knows where I might find this out, shout.

Also, any ideas how to fit this into a schedule? I’m training 4 days a week Westside - how many EMS sessions a week could I add (not recovery sessions, I’m talking fast-twitch muscle blasting)? Is it going to cause overtraining?