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EMS for Active Recovery

ok EMS rocks - for those of you who dont know, Electro- Myo- Stimulation is the thing with the electrodes that makes your muskles twitch. As used by the Russians to great effect and, I believe, by a whole shitload of elite American athletes from college level up.
Being a proud owner of one of those Compex Sport jobbies (as reccomended by Christian Yabadabadoo i think im right in saying, incidently Mr Thibulator, you rock :P) I can use it for active recovery on one muscle group at a time effectively.

Would anyone care to speulate on how i should choose which muscle i recover? will having a super recovered muscle change recruitment the next day away from normal in the excercises i choose? should i change my form to accomodate this? should i spend an hour doing 15 minutes active recovery on 4 muscle groups? your input, T-men, as always, is not only welcome, but invaluable.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

[quote]Al168 wrote:
Being a proud owner of one of those Compex Sport jobbies

do you have the one sold here in the USA or did you import it from Europe. which model is it and how much money did you buy it for. I’ve been wanting to get one for such a long time but i don’t have the excess money. laters pk

where does CT make that recomendation?

ebay! im in the UK mine was from germany but way cheaper than the ones here and the US, just search it on ebay to get prices.
ask sellers to send it as a gift to avoid import taxes.
CT recomends it in his book :slight_smile:
gotta love that guy