ems devices

anyone have any success stories concerning electrical stim machines?im hearing a lot of positve feedback about that ems gadget they sell in the infometials but might get myself a real stim if it works.definition of if it works=gaining strength,losing fat,maintaining muscular size and strength,especially while on a keto diet,as thats the way i was planning to use it.thanx.

T-mag (Charlie Francis) did a whole article on EMS a while back. They’re pretty worthless for BBing, but good for athletes, although usage is limited. Can’t remember the title, but a search at T-mag will hook you up. Oh, and if you saw it on an infomercial it sucks! TC said the same in reader mail this week. Don’t be a sheep!

Ive seen that article,ive read the chapters in supertraining,read zatsiorsky,have research studies,have spoke to people that have worked with charlie francis,but it seems everthing is so secretive.I even know three guys that are poliquin interns,and they all said poliquin wont discuss it even though he uses it on his clients.I was just looking for feedback from the average joe gym that has used ems.btw,in case anyone is interested,the best info on how to use ems is in charlie francis book,supertraining tells you the benefits,but not how to use it,apparently for legal reasons,and zatsiorsky says its used to test strength deficit,but his formula is a not fully explained.maybe coach Davies can get in on this?

I know this won’t help, but I had to use one of those after my last knee surgery. OUCH! I know the ones you see on the late-night infomercials aren’t probably as strong as the one I had in physical therapy, but those electrostim things hurt like hell. I guess training does too, but I will take squats any day.

The last research I read about them basically said that they only benefit if you have them hooked up while the muscle is working under load. So, you would need to wheel your EMS machine around the gym with you while you did your workouts. However, said reading was done about 8 years ago during my university days, so something new has probably cropped up.