empty stomach

is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to take pills on an empty stomach? Whats the reasoning behind it… i guess for better absorption right? please help cuz i hope im not fucking everything up

No, it doesn’t matter. If it is herbal, like trib or vitex, then it will be absorbed better if taken with food.

The previous is odd advice. The correct answer is that it depends on what pills you’re taking. Some supplements can be neutralized by taking other supplements or food. For example, ZMA is neutralized in the presence of calcium. On the other hand, some supplements work synergistically with other supplements/food or are absorbed better in your system with food. Read the label and do what it says. There are reasons for the stuff outlined in the instructions.

What are you taking? Different pills, have different protocols.

i am takin dicloxacillin… its an antibiotic… ive been taking it with food 4 times a day… the i read the tiny print off to the side of the bottle and it says to take on an empty stomach and it says at least 2 hours after a meal or when on an empty stomach 1 hour before your meal… thats not possible with me cuz i eat every 2 hours!

Necessary or not, I puke if I don’t have food or a lot of liquid when I take pills. Some pills also take a while to break down and having food in your stomach helps with that.