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Empty Sella Syndrome

I’ve been looking for the last month for reason of my low LH, FSH and raised prolactine. I’ve done two NMR’s on the pituitary because the first one was shit.

First a mircor adenom was suspected.

Finally yesterday got to the best NMR Imaging professor in my country and he put this statement that I have a slight herniation on the frontal side of the pituitary and no micro adenoms or other tumors.

Now I have an examiantion with Defy Medical at Tuesday to consider my options for optimizing the hormones.

Do any of you have experience with similar pituitary issues?

I do, but not personally, indirectly. It sounds as though you have a malfunctioning pituitary gland. While you may need TRT, unless you have already considered other options, a telemedicine hormone clinic is not the place to start. You will not have an “examination” over the phone.

Symptoms? Besides any hormonal, headaches, vision?

Other exams? Ophthalmology? Neuro? Lumbar puncture? Primary or secondary? Medical options? Can the sella turcica be repaired surgically?

At least, you’ll need to bring prolactin down. If all things have been considered, and if it is secondary, then you’ll need to replace the missing hormones. If you’ve done everything, and been told replacing the hormones is the solution, then a TRT clinic will suffice.

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I have not other choice but the telemedicine because there are no applicable clinics around.

I got the consultation yesterday and Im very satisfied with their services. They prescribed me initially small dosages of Cabergolin and Clomid to see how much testosterone my body is capable of producing and whether we can restore the pituitary activity. They said it is possible at least on theory.

That’s a reasonable place to start. You should be followed on an ongoing basis by neurology and the questions I posed should be addressed. Good luck. I know this is tough.

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You can follow the new developments here if interested. I have increase in total test, today ordered free. The question is what caused it?

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