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EMPTY Protein Containers


I was dishing out my dog some dry kibble.. I keep it in a few used protein containers with the lids screwed down tight.. I started doing it because I was wondering if it slowly grows stale after I open the bag...

And I was wondering, while filling his bowl with food he loathes to eat, what do you guys use your old empty protein containers for?

I have some in the shop with various parts in them, as well.


I'm building an ark for when the icecaps have completely melted... :stuck_out_tongue:


Foot bathes.


I store my sperm in them.


Look at for gay bodybuilders.


I made a squat rack...

just kidding ;o)

usually health food places have a recycling program for them.

they are great for shipping things in for EBAY or something. I want to make a coffee table out of Metabolic Drive chocolate containers.

I used one as a puke bucket on 20 rep squats day once.

You could also brew your own beer in them i think.

good cooler for freshly harvested organs??

I once saw a man make a back hoe out of milk crates and tape.



i pay a guy to whose truck burns $3 gallon fuel and belches black filth all over the town to truck them away and bury them in someone else's back yard.


Where I'm from, we have these things called trashcans. I use them to fill those things we call trashcans.


I fill them with flour and powdered sugar and sell them on eBay.

People love it.



I cut the 5 pound containers in half and use them to block my shins on deadlift days. Yeah...I have huge shins. :slight_smile:


Calves, you have huge Calves. LoL


I miss my Glock 21...Now I just have a Colt 1911...

Anywho, I throw most of them out, but others I use as storage...Like the oatmeal I got at Costco....


I drive a crappy little 1.5L car and my used protein containers take a sump's worth of spent engine oil quite nicely.


so people do lots of weird things to them, yet no-one recycles them?


I think they're great for storing all kinds of construction leftovers. I use them for adhesives, grout, small parts, old oil to be recycled, etc.


recycle them?? someday they be anitiques and ill have thousands of them


I keep the 5lb containers to put the bulk protein I buy in them.

Wild concept, I know, putting protein back in it.


They're the perfect size for some gravel and a small kitten. Now simply find a lake...


I fill em with water and freeze em. They are great for coolers, keep food cold without getting it soaked. But thats the Metabolic Drive and Surge bottles, 5lb protien bottles are too big for that.