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Empty Calories?

Ok so i read another article recently that mentioned one of Arnold’s old diet programs… and it consisted of a whole chicken and a pitcher of BEER after an intense workout… so what the hell??? how does empty calories have anything to do with building muscle? the way i understood it was that beer gave you a beer belly, hence the name… but take a look at Arnold and he had anything besides a beer belly… so how does a pitcher of beer have anything to do with gaining muscle? just curious… haha, besides, any reason that i can find to toss back a few beers is a good one. thanks


carbs perhaps?

alcohol turns into sugar which is what you want post workout. sugary carbs.

of course the worst choice you can make is alcohol but oh well

Arnold used to be a huge joker - who knows if this is what he actually did. Other things to consider - he is a genetic freak, he used AAS, some monks would fast and live off of beer during lent, and the human body is pretty good at staying alive (i.e. using whatever energy it can).

I think the article mentioned that as an example of the things he did totally wrong before looking into the things he got right.

Back in those days there was no Gatorade, no high-fructose corn syrup and Arnold and his bunch were the pioneers.

They basically had to invent things out of thin air.

Just for laughs the chicken and beer stuff has been used in Japan sucessfully. Not everyone is born with weak livers…

shucks… i was looking for an excuse for a beer after a workout ha… well, thanks guys - you answered my question


I keep hearing alcohol enhances workouts…