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Empower Pharmacy and Excelmale

I am a Defy patient and a member at Excelmale forum. There was a thread on ExcelMale forum this morning that mentioned this FDA report on Empower pharmacy

This thread disappeared not long after it showed up. I am very upset about this. If the charges are bogus, fine. Show us how so. But Nelson prefers to squash any discussion of it? This could affect the well being of members of his community. Like I posted in the thread, mistakes happen, but to refuse to take the proper cGMP response, investigate and document findings and explain how to keep them from reoccurring is NEGLIGENCE.

It’s Nelson’s forum to do with as he wishes. But if he wants to pretend it’s all about the well-being of us patients but squashes any discussion critical to the people who are making our medicine when they drop the ball, he is a shill.

It is NOT fair to us to not allow this discussion I would private message Nelson at the forums but he doesn’t have a message box. I looked to contact Dr. Saya through the forum but same thing.

Toxins in injectables and dosage problems in HCG is a problem. Refusing to follow FDA guidelines about QC problems in injectable substances is WRONG. Refusing to allow it to be discussed among a community where a fair portion of people actually use their products is just as bad or worse.

What do you think of hillandale Pharmacy in FL?

Don’t know anything about them. All this is new to me. Just started TRT 3 weeks ago.

My meds come from Hillandale. I haven’t had a problem with them yet.

Empower is a 503b facility which is supposeto be the best. More FDA regulations.
But as you can see that’s not always the case. Hillandale is not 503b

Never have had a problem with them

HCG has become expensive. Let me guess their bottles have less than claimed? ?

Is there more to it than this document shows?

Maybe. Probably not. What ticked me off was how it was brought up but the thread disappeared. I brought it up on other forums and it was brushed off also, but not just totally deleted.

I would be pissed to. And suspicious

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Silly of them. The doc is only saying they want them to show them how they will avoid the issue in the future. And they have not done it. Admit to it and call it growing pains. It is trying to hide it that looks bad

hCG is not something made up in a compounding pharmacy, they purchase and label or have it labeled for them.

Often is pink, compounded with B-12, but again not something mixed at a local facility.

I have seen reports of hCG that seemed useless before.

Sure, the hCG isn’t “made” there. They buy the chemicals in bulk and package them there. That is the “compounding”. How those products are handled and packaged is up to the compounding pharmacy. The dosing and sterility of the final product therefor is very much dependent on the pharmacy. It’s not like your pharmacy where they simply package your drugs and hand them out.

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