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Employment of PSYOPS


Am I misreading this article or does it sound like the employment of PSYOPS




Is this what you want me to see, I still think it fits the definition


Are you talking about PSYOPS? Cuz I've never heard of a PHYOPS.


Yes , my bad :slight_smile: that is funny , where are those MODS when you need one :slight_smile:


Yep. But then again, marketing is all about manipulating opinion. Because we all really need big ass TVs, and microwave ovens, and custom kitchens .....


I always felt there were two ways to lie, one by telling an untruth and leaving out facts and that is where Psyops or propaganda differ from marketing.

Terrorist, Socialist, Not born in America,Gay,Nazi, these are overt lies designed to erode the opinion of Obama.

I am curious how many remember the attack on Clinton, Flying drugs into Little Rock, killing Vince Foster and the like . It is standard operating procedure from the Republicans and now the Democrats will be doing the same thing