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So far, I have 1,500 saved up to move out of Colorado and begin my adventure in the big apple. Everyone is telling me that it is really pricey over there and I can't be sure how to convert that into what I should be saving. I looked up plane tickets, and I can get a one way flight for around $400.

I guess my real question is: how should I go about doing this? I'm definitely set on New York, and I don't want to get there and be completely fucked by running out of money and ending up stranded in a different state homeless. So what would you T Nationites reccomend doing in this situation?

PS. I have NO connections over there.


Sorry, I was confused whether you were going there short term or long term? You mentioned "move out of Colorado" and "one way flight" and then mention "running out of money" which leads me to believe you need some form of job to sustain your stay there. Could you elaborate?


blowing >1/4 of your budget before you even make it to the most expensive city to live in the United States without a job prospect is a great idea....I see this working out very well for you actually


Dude that is a bad idea. Not the moving part just the going there with no job and only $1500. That is just asking to be a bum and live on the streets. Save up at least $40,000 to $60,000 then go. That will at least float you till you can find a job.


You wont find a place to live for $1,500 A MONTH and you want to come here with less than that?

There will be people walking around with wrist watches worth more than double your bank account. Reassess this plan

Unless youre talking about one of the other boroughs. If thats the case you can expect to pay a bit less for things. $2.50 for a slice of pizza instead of $2.75.


stength+$1500+NY-job-shelter-transportation+(flight-$400) = fail


You have 1500 bucks and you want to move to Manhattan? No friends there, and no job?

Bad, bad, bad idea.


If you really want to move to NY I'd get a job and work hard to get it before planning any moves. It's all about how bad you want it. Before I found my job in Singapore, living all the way down under in Melbourne I came to Singapore for 10 days, made 50 applications, sat for 3 interviews and secured one job, been here now for eight years. Said I'd stay for two years, now own a car (3 to 4 times more expensive than the USA due to taxes), house (Singapore is not much bigger than Manhattan and just as expensive in some areas) and started a family (met my wife here).

Anyway if you fail to plan, you'll plan to fail.


Settle on a trip


Man you're asking for trouble. I have to agree with everyone else, save some good bank, real money at least 10x what you have before considering a move. You basically have $1100 to live on after you get there, that MIGHT put you up in a hotel for a month if you don't eat, then what? If you're dead set on doing this I wish you the best.


How old are you? Do you have an education or any prospects? Before you get roasted you need to give more detail of your plan. Because you sound like a 19 year old kid running away from small town USA to make it big in the big apple. Sorry but I can safely say you are not a special snowflake.


Fist and foremost scrap the plane trip. find a cheaper form of travel, maybe a chinatown bus, they are usually much cheaper than amtrak or greyhound. Save up AT LEAST 5 grand. You can find a piece of shit basement closet in one of the outer boroughs for about 600. Maybe rent a room or something. Finding a job might be difficult in this shitty economy. If you got some size on you you might wanna try bouncing at one of the clubs or bars in the city.

Do you have a Bartender's license? You can bartend at some of the Gay clubs out here, not an ideal situation but I here that's where the money's at. There are some Hipster communities in Brooklyn and in the lower east side that might be beneficial to you. I've seen some of those dirty unwashed bastards eek out a living on making bullshit art and shacking up with some equally unwashed broad, and her 5 roomates.

NY is fast and will make you go broke even faster. You have absolutely no contacts whatsoever in the city so you are facing a GIGANTIC challenge ahead of you. The rewards if you do succeed are freaking awesome! I love living in this city the women are in endless supply. There is something new to do everyday there is an endless amount of culture. The bar/club scene is fantastic.

It can make or break you so don't come here half assed.



Before you move anywhere, you should find a job and a place to live. Once you have those established, than I think a move is more plausible.

Also, you should develop a budget (and over compensate), so you know how much money your actually going to need, instead of just saving up a random amount of money (which is way to low in this case).

Lastly, why would you move somewhere where you know nobody and have no connections? The world and life in general is all about connections and who you know. Start networking.


You better be good at sucking cock.


I lol'd,

Then I thought, there's probably quite a few people who have ended up like that after a half baked scheme to move to the big city.


Hey u wanna buy a bridge?


Definitely need a job and a place to live lined up. Most importantly See if the job will handle the living expenses. If you can find a place to live for 1 month with the amount you have saved up you will literally be broke by day 1. Even if you got a job the first day the paycheck won't come until 1-2 weeks. This might work if you don't do anything that costs money, including eating. The dick sucking thing might be enough to get yourself food so plan on doing that in addition to having a real job.


Stop discouraging him. We don't want him to stay.


How bout this Im fucking tired of NYC, been here all my life Ill trade you me for him, whatddya say?


Long Term. I don't have any job prospects so there in lies the risk. I was planning on saving at least 10k but from what a current poster is saying,I should aim for 40,000?