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Empire and Genpharm

has anyone heard of them? genpharm claims 300mg/ml eq.all tests in 20ml bottles prop 100mg/ml cyp enan 300mg/ml.i did an empire cycle with oral winny 25mg tabs with there 250mg/ml eq and there 100mg/ml prop.nothing to brag about except a little strength although at my doctors my creatinine levels were high as well as my red blood cell count was through the roof so something was legit although i wasnt horny on that cycle,375mg eq weekly 200mg prop weekly and 50 mg oral winny daily 10 weeks.i just bought 2x10ml,300mg/ml eq and 2x20ml,100mg/ml propionate and 3x20ml,50mg/ml winny all from genpharm these are canadian labs.any feed back at all please.?!