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Emphasis on Upper Body


Who here emphasises upper body training versus lower body training?

Most authors on this site, with the exception of some of CT's work, seem to design their programs with a relatively equal amount of sets given to lower body as to upper body.

Are any of you following a split that has you training legs LESS than 50% of the time?

If so, how long have you being following such a split, and how would you rate your leg development versus your upper body development?


I dunno, Westside for Skinny Bastards has two upper body days and 1 lower body day but thats because of all the running and such the program has. I wouldn't understand why you would want to work upperbody more than lower body unless its for this reason.


I think the only time I've ever heard about the T-Nation writers putting more of an emphasis on upper body than lower body was during the "20 lbs of hollywood muscle" article being that it would suit their needs better.

Other than that, most of the articles have alot of emphasis on leg stuff. Squats and dealifts are the two best exercises for your overall body, being that they pretty much work everything, and the GH release from all the major muscle groups firing.

I forget who gave this tip, but it was on a daily tip saying that you should begin every workout with a leg movement. Supposedly it makes your workouts more effecient. I've been following this for about 6 weeks, and I feel that its been helping.

I know you said "emphasis on upper body" and didnt say "only train the upper body" but for the majority of all activities, the legs are involved much more than the upper body, therefore IMO more important.


May I ask why don't want to work the lower body?