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Emperor Has No Clothes!


Please help me add to this list:

  1. Benghazi. Who Sent Rice out to those shows for the damn talking points? Simple.

  2. IRS Scandal. This should be a BIG one. It might take years to go down the rabbit hole on this one. The lead needs to be a patient former prosecutor who doesn't jump in front of the camera too often. He will understand that his glory will eventually come with folks get prosecuted. Start at the bottom. Start charging these people to let the others know that you will be charging people. Then work your way up. Slowly. Go to the next tier- the middle managers. But this is where you shift gears. You DO NOT prosecute these guys, but offer immunity, or maybe easy plea deals in exchange for testimony to get the senior level people. Go for search warrants against these senior level execs. getting computers, cell phones, emails, etc. And alot of this stuff was done in their government offices so the chance that the hard drive is 100% wiped or destroyed is next to none. They are screwed. Use tactics like the IRS is the Mob. They are more similar than different...

  3. AP Phone Records Scandal. Wow. Don't know really where to start.

  4. Keystone Pipeline Controversy. After winning a second term in 2012, Obama promised to spend much of his following four years trying to address the causes of global warming. But after only a few months, we again see that he is a man of no integrity and leans toward support.

  5. Illegal immigration and ObamaCare. Remember the priceless exchange between Obama and Joe Wilson in Sept. 2009??? Obama sought to clear up confusion and address many "misleading" statements about his proposals in a 2009 speech before a rare joint session in Congress.
    "Now, there are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false," Obama said. "The reforms I am proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally."At that moment in Obama's speech, Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson of South Caroline yelled "YOU LIE"!! Awesome.

  6. Whose idea was Sequestration? When it was first put in the Budget Control Act of 2011. I'll give you a hint. President B________ O__________.

  7. Gun Control total Failure. Never let a crisis go to waste. No wait.. er..

  8. New Area 51 compound in Utah. What the hell are they building out there and why are they collecting all of our PRIVATE DATA???

  9. NSA bullcrap. Spying on us. I love what Obama and Biden said about Bush/Ashcroft when they were in power back in 2007! Unbelievable. It's a felony for them to open my mail, but they can go thru my inbox all day long?? Hey Eric Holder! F*** You!

  10. State Dept. sex scandal and alleged cover-up in progress. This will be interesting. Smells like Benghazi. Same players.

  11. Fast and Furious. R.I.P. Brian Terry.

  12. Solyndra. Given a Gov't loan for $535mil. Obama admin gave the loan despite warnings from congress. Obama said it will create 4,000 "Green" jobs. Company went bankrupt in 2011 and shut down all operations. Congress investigated. Found out the Obama admin knew the company was NOT financially sound. Many shareholders were large donors to Obama's campaign. This is how politics is done in Chicago.

  13. Secret Service and hookers. See above.

  14. The "Beer Summit". Total Amateur hour.

  15. Ground Zero Mosque

  16. "You Didn't Build That!"

  17. Obama's "initiatives" for the Black community. What are they? Unemployment and poverty continue to get worse and are disproportionally worse to other ethnic minorities. And he refused to even address it; even they are fiercely loyal to him. Why won't he do something? If he can't, at least make some noise, draw some damn attention.

  18. Fort Hood Shooting. Calling it "Workplace-Violence" Really??

  19. Inability to state "We are at war with Radical Islamic Muslim Terrorists who want to kill us" is putting all of us in danger.

  20. New Black Panther Party voting intimidation. Dereliction of duty.

  21. Recess Appointments. Total embarrassment. And he was a law professor at one point? So he could install the Dream Act, right???

  22. Shit handling of the Boston Bombing by the Justice Department. And Let's just be clear about one thing: With all this criticism about Obama, none of it is personal. He is just an inept, misguided, naive, amateur. With a political philophy that I disagree with. Eric Holder is a piece of shit. Straight up. I don't like the man. I hope he is charged criminally. He has committed perjury multiple times, and he should be charged. And speaking of the dirt-bag....

  23. Whistle-blower prosecutions. Again, Holder.

  24. EPA for releasing personal data on 80,000 farmers and livestock operators to rabid leftist environmentalist groups, thus targeting farm families.

  25. Death of SEALS in Afghanistan: irregularities, lies and cover-ups.

  26. Waging war in Libya without congressional authorization.

  27. Lies and media manipulation in the wake of Sequestration resulting in public safety put at risk.

  28. All the "Czars"

  29. Born Alive Infant Protect Act. Lied REPEATEDLY about his voting record when he was a state senator. Why are many outside of Illinois unfamiliar with this scandal? Thank the media for covering for him.

  30. ACORN. N'uff said.

  31. Marxist New Party. In 1995 he accepted the nomination and ran as their candidate! Don't believe me?

  32. Civilian National Security Force. He wants the SEIU to "paint the nation purple".

  33. Ridiculed people who competed in the Special Olympics. Could You imagine if Bush did that? Wow.

  34. Emil Jones controversy. Explains his character.

  35. Terence Flynn of the Labor Relations Board resigned after being accused of leaking information to the National Association of Manufacturers. Martha Johnson head of the GSA fired two top officials and resigned herself after it was revealed that they lived it up to the tune of $822k in Vegas on a 4 day training conference for 300 workers.

  36. Gitmo.

  37. Support of Muslim Brotherhood.

  38. Sealing of ALL his personal records including his Harvard Thesis and Occidental College transcripts. The first President ever to have ANY type of "NON-TRANSPARANCY". Love that word.

  39. Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Father Pfeghler, Tony Resko, his cocaine buddy in college. Don't you judge a person's character by the company they keep?

Now, I know I can find more if I look... but man, this is ridiculous.

Please add to this list. Number 40 is......?


I don't think there's anyone in this entire forum who voted for President Obama, so if you're waiting for that crowd to pop in and give you their current thoughts on his disastrous Presidency, this might be the one and only post in this thread.

  1. Gov't ammo purchases during summer 2012.

  2. The killing of American citizens with drone strikes. Scary.

  3. MF Global. Oh look, it's Holder again.


Do not interrupt, the force is strong with this one.


Our very own Beans voted for Obama the first time around if I am not mistaken.

And you know that Zep and Pitt did....VTBallarz as well.

/not putting my friend Beans in their category.

  1. Birth Certificate. Duh......

  1. Aunt Zeituni. Discovered in 2008 that she was in public housing living there illegally since 2000. What the Fuck?

  1. Movement of the Census to White House Control.


Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul.


I wasn't sure if Zep or Pitt were smart enough to figure out how to get to the voting booths.


Fuck you DBCOOPER :slight_smile: Faux news has told you and a small vocal community,Muslim, Atheist , Kenyan, Negro is the Anti Christ and yall believe them. I find it hard to believe how3 gullible you and your ilk are


You don't know shit, pal. I don't think Muslims, atheists, Kenyans, blacks or even liberals are the anti-Christ at all. None of those groups are the root causes of this country's problems. Neither is Obama, for that matter. But no one can deny that his Presidency is going downhill faster than shit down a greased slide. This whole arming Syrian rebels thing is the latest mistake if you ask me. I thought all you hard-core liberals voted for Obama in the hopes that he would represent an alternative to the war-mongering ways of the Republican Party last decade. Shit, he's turned out to be even worse in many respects. As someone who voted for the guy twice (I assume that's if you're even allowed to vote) aren't you overwhelmingly disappointed in his repeated failures?

Shit, my sister-in-law, who is as liberal as they come and got all over me because I kept chiding her for buying into all the hope and change bullshit back in 2008 didn't even vote for him last year. She voted Libertarian instead and she was as vocal an Obama supporter as there was in 2008.

I don't think Obama is the root of all the country's problems like some people on here, and I don't even think there's anything egregiously malicious or insidious about a lot of the stuff he's done, or at least not to the extent that some have argued. But you'd have to be a completely blind, ignorant fool to think that this Presidency isn't going downhill fast, and that it's his own fault. And you'd have to be irreversibly into The Big Drool if you think the criticism of him and his Presidency is rooted in racist fear-mongering rather than on actual merit.


^^^^totally fits the prototypical low-information voter ^^^^^

Not saying pitt is smart enough to find his polling place, but he does seem to like free stuff enough to hop on a bus and vote anywhere there is the promise of a free meal.


For once, we are in agreement on something. Although I don't think he'd take the bus. Those cost money. Probably one of those free shuttle services for the disabled and elderly.


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I'm talking about the Obama Express. Free ride to the polls, and then after you've pulled the right lever - free food. Kids like Zep would do anything for free food.

Accidentally implicated Zep instead of pitt. But is there really any difference between the two?


Bowing to Saudi King Abdullah.


I am an admitted reformed American Liberal, yes. And, I'll be honest, I was so done with the BS I saw from the Bush administration, I did eat up the "hope and change" bullshit way more than any intelligent person should. I was ignorant.

However, that all said, I would have (and did) vote for a lump of turd in 2012 rather than that inept slug...



I just wanted to point out that you were not lumped in the same boat as Zep, VT Balla and Pittski.


I strongly suspect that the NSA scandle will eventually show that the capture of emails, texts, and phone calls was used for political purposes by the Obama administration, just as Obama has used the IRS, OSHA, and the Justic Department's selective prosecutions for political purposes.

Remember Hillary Clinton stole FBI background check files on political enemies, so this is not unprecidented.

In particular, rumor among the ex-supreme court law clerk community has it that a certain allegedly straight Supreme Court justice was blackmailed with emails revealing a homosexual relationship to convince him to vote in favor of Obamacare.

You can guess who.