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Emotional Wellness While On a Cycle


I'm in my 30's and I do plan on eventually going on a cyce. One thing that concerns me though are the emotional effects of steroids. I have suffered from emotional problems through much of childhood and adult life. In my teens it got really bad where I got into a lot of fights and came close to being expelled from school as a result of it. I still have a temper but I have learned to keep it under control for the sake of my professional career.

I have heard mixed opinions about the effects steroids have on one's psychological well being. Some people say they actually improve your sense of well being, and improve your confidence. Others have told me that it turns them into an emotional wreck leading me to believe that certain compounds have different effects.

I have heard trenbolone can really mess with your mood and I heard cheque drops can literally turn you insane. I don't plan on using either of those since it's going to be my first cycle but I do hope to use an oral or another injectable as a kickstarter to go along with testosterone.

How does testosterone tend to effect mood? I imagine it's dose dependent and I'm only planning 400-500 mg/week. Any orals I should avoid if mood swings are an issue? Do any steroids actually improve your mood and make you feel good?


My wife can will testify that I am much easier to deal with and in a much better mood in general when I am on. I have ran Tests, Deca, Dbol, Halo( supposedly infamous for making you pissed off) and Winni. Have not ran Tren so can't say but, I will be soon honestly have never seen much in the way off emotional sides. Worst side I get is hair loss and that was coming with or without gear but I def sped it up.


like Reed, im more stable when on.. which is why I stay on.

ive taken basically everything except for cheque drops as they are basically impossible to find.

if you are a mature adult, you won't have a problem.. if you are a petulant child, you will have problems

make sure to keep your hormones balanced


Agree with this 110% I honestly believe if your using steroids and using them as a excuse to be a dick then you have no place using them. If done properly and monitored there is no reason for you to get unmanageably crazy. You may find little things annoy more bit not enough to go home and beat your wife and either way no matter the annoyance its still your choice how you deal with it.


That's interesting as hair loss is the side I fear the most. Is there any particular steroid you find to be worse than others when it comes to hair loss? Perhaps some better than others? What dose did you run test at?


Test at about 700mg really hurt my hair line. Deca didn't bother me and have never seen it from any oral steroid use either. I have been told Tren is hell on hair. But this is only if you are susceptible to MPB any way. Every man in my family on either side lost most their hair by early 30's


Hmm, I'm planning about 400 mg test/week for my first cycle. I use minoxidil and nizoral shampoo but I'm far too scared to use finasteride. I hope my hair can survive an 8 week cycle.


at least do 12.


8 will suffice if you are pinning EOD or ED


A lot of the emotional imbalances from use comes from one hormone unbalancing the other. Drive E too high and you will PMS, drop it too low and you will feel like shit. T too high can also cause problem. Make sure you keep things balanced and be aware of your emotions if you start feeling off. Don't get the idea in your head that you will also be affected negatively because 99% of the time that isn't true. All the shit with things going wrong emotional regarding steroids may be from other issues. We don't really know what was happening ie, prior drug use, narcotics, repeated trauma etc.


I'm always in a better mood when I'm on. But from time to time little things at work will piss me off easier but it passes quick.


Yeah, I'm planning to do the EOD pinning. I'm hoping that way I can keep AI use to a minimum since AI's sound extremely dangerous.


You don't need to worry about mood while you're on. That will absolutely improve. You do need to be worried about your mood after you come off. If you have issues now they'll be worse after a cycle and may or may not return to baseline. Something to consider. After you blast your brain with dopamine and then return to normal levels strange things happen. You have to hope your down regulated receptor sensitivity returns to normal.


Yeah, PCT is what I'm worried about. It's why I'm only going to use Nolvadex since I heard Clomid really fucks with your emotions.

Thing is I think now is a good time in my life to risk emotional swings though since I'm divorced and not around anyone I can hurt. My emotions have caused me to hurt people I love both physically and emotionally so now that I'm not around them this is my chance.


I disagree. I'm generally in a lot better mood when on, but sometimes my temper does flare more easily. I feel less empathy and more domineering while on too. Mind you, it's not a drastic change, but it is a change. Going off cycle is indeed the trickiest part.

One thing that does change a lot is LIBIDO. It's usually ski high, and I become a risk taker. I'm a lot less careful and picky with girls LOL I laugh, and I love it to be honest, but it can be scary what I do at times.

My main point is that yes, there will differences in mood and attitudes. Not necessarily bad differences, but if you worry about emotional sides, I do think there are some. Again, most are positive changes or simply different, but there are some.