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Emotional Problems on Tren E

Hey guys,

So new around here but felt i needed to talk it out, so iv been running trenE and now tren e with winstrol for about 4 months. I know iv been irritable a bit detached and aggressive.

But i missed a dose last week which put me about a weak and a half behind dose. I was a horrible monster all weekend to my finance and ended up leaving her for real no reason and i had zero emotion.

The next day i got my dose in and the day after the jab all emotions returned and i was a blabbering mess. Trying to resolve it now.

Has anyone else experienced detachment to a level of no emotion.

I’m running tren now and what iv noticed is it amplifies whatever feelings I already have. I don’t think you missing a shot had anything to do with it especially on tren E.

For instance me and my wife have a great relationship. It’s very rare we argue or have problems we spend a lot of time together and if anything the tren makes me almost appreciate her even more. But if it wasn’t like that and we had some underlying issues or if we fought often I would imagine the tren would cause it to be absolutely horrible.

Hey mate,

Yea i think that’s a good description that it amplifies your preset feelings. Iv been ok until recently but its crazy what the stuff can do to your psych.

Its a wonder but also nasty stuff! Iv never been able to be this lean but keep huge strength.

You’ve been running tren for four months? Holy dickballs. Maybe want to think about easing up a bit? Because whatever gains you’re making cannot be worth destroying your personal life, right?