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Emotional Effects of Low T


I would include this in my "case" but I would like to see a discussion concerning the emotional aspect of low testosterone.

I read/hear a lot about fatigue, energy, libido and weakness being attributed to low testosterone but I don't hear too much about it's effect on mood. What was your transition like?

Quick history on me: I was diagnosed with hypogonadism in the summer of 2010 but noticed a significant drop in libido in February of 2010. Since then, I wouldn't say I am depressed but more "neutral". It seems as if every interest I had is slowly dying off. I used to get more psyched about doing things like going to the movies or something as simple as cooking with my girlfriend but now it's more of an "eh"-attitude.

It seems like it is progressively getting worse and wonder if my testosterone scores are dropping even more. I'm trying to stay patient so I could find the culprit but now I am losing my patience.

Any other stories? Hopefully success stories? :slight_smile:


These problems have been discussed many times and you will find references to these things in regular posts and stickies.

Loss of energy and apathy are common and other mood problems such as short tempers, intolerance, noise sensitivity, depression etc. Low T can bring these on and higher E2 levels with high T levels can create many of these problems too.

Your lack of patience needs to become motivation.

Success stories are all over the place, you need to be reading about others to see these. If you do TRT right, most of these problems can be resolved.