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EMOM with Alternating Exercises

Hi Christian,

I have a question about the parings. For a complete workout you suggest doing two sets of parings 2 x14-20 min, is that of the same exercise like squat and benchpress or you do switch for the second to something else?

Thank you for what you are sharing with us!


Lets say you are doing 16 minutes:

0:00 squat 2 reps
1:00 bench press 2 reps
2:00 squat 2 reps
3:00 bench press 2 reps
4:00 squat 2 reps
5:00 bench press 2 reps
6:00 squat 2 reps
7:00 bench press 2 reps
8:00 squat 2 reps
9:00 bench press 2 reps
10:00 squat 2 reps
11:00 bench press 2 reps
12:00 squat 2 reps
13:00 bench press 2 reps
14:00 squat 2 reps
15:00 bench press 2 reps
16:00 squat 2 reps


What i ment was.

I squat and bench press for the 16 min you posted. Then i rest for 5 min. Do i keep going whit squat and bench for another 14-20 min or do i switch to a different paring like military press and deadlift?

Sorry if i bad at explaining english is not my primary language.

Thank you again for taking your time!

Hey robertf
It means that you switch to a different pairing than the first one.


Thank you jasper41!