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Emo Girl Cutting

How’s That for Self Improvement?


This is pretty old. Fucking gross though.

Seriously, if you want to die so fucking bad, then do it. Total attention whore.

I have no sympathy at all for this shit.

That’s absolutely horrible.I agree with hardgnr though,total attention whore.

People still = shit.

Guys, we need to start putting some warning labels on these threads. First buck angel now this. Fuck.

I was expecting hawt pix of an emo girl dieting down… :frowning:

Ahhr I need something sweet to get these images outta my head!!


they may have just ruined my day

nvm im fine…thanks to dre the hatchet : )

I almost puked a little. The fuck is wrong with her?!

hey hey hey…that was fucking gross.

thanks for posting da titties

x2 on the warning lables. that shit was gross. thankfully no one at work saw.

Ya thats messed up, wonder if she used any anesthetic or not…cause that would hurt.

I need a picture of a cat now to bring me back to happy sunshine valley.



holy shit thats fucked. that must HURT.

I never feel sick looking at anything. This almost made me throw up, what a dumb and crazy bitch.

I couldn’t look at it all.

I only managed to scroll about half way down.