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"Emma Stone Gains 18 Pounds of Muscle" Article

Is this the Worst Article?

Seriously, It’s not even an article, and why is it still the first on the main page?

Coz she sexy

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If I wanted to look at women I would be on a different kind of site

Well she is pretty hot! Yeah but it is probably time to move on.

Oh crap! You just reminded me I used to come here to look at women. Now I come here to speculate about what our dogs are thinking.


BBW crew checking in. Nvm under 315

If you want to look at dudes just say so mane. We ain’t g4p.com (discount code in the description below).

Emma Stone is a test booster for T-Nation… nomsayin

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Looks like she put on a stones weight of blubber(14lbs english for you Americans) just to play a leza.:slight_smile:

Log urself out mane

Still can’t see anything factually incorrect in what I said. She put on weight,smooth it don’t look like muscle, and she plays a leza in the movie.

18 lb of muscle in 3 months, a bit on the low side. 8|

Is there any video of these Victoria’s Secret models doing sled drags and such? A quick search, this comes up, strong:

Good stuff. I’d love to see some video of her running, sprinting, and running single leg jump tbh, I imagine she’d look pretty athletic. Springy looking leverages & very coordinated in that video.


Damn, with the “kick at the end” she looks very springy. This girl must have a good athletic background.

I bet she can run fast lmfao. Tried to find her 10k result (and other results), fail.

Awwww she’s still adorable.

“If I wanted to look at CrossFitters I would be on a different kind of site.”

“If I wanted to learn about overhead squats I would be on a different kind of site.”

“If I wanted to read about joint health and mobility I would be on a different kind of site.”

Those are all pretty dumb statements because T Nation has always brought info for a bunch of people with a bunch of different goals, and it’s always written about why women should lift. This article is not new in that regard. Nevermind that the article isn’t even about “looking at women”. It’s about seeing a physique transformation.

I’m guessing you’re saying “it’s not an article” because it doesn’t lay out the exact training and nutrition she followed? They most likely weren’t included because it wasn’t the point of the article. It’s not a “How to Train Like Emma Stone”-article.

The point was that Walsh handled another significant celebrity transformation, just like he did with Damon and Cooper, and he turned a prototypical Hollywood-skinny lady into a believable pro athlete.

That’s absolutely in line with everything T Nation is about. And it doesn’t take a giant leap to see how it also serves as fuel to get more women into the gym lifting heavy. If you’ve never forwarded a T Nation link to your wife/gf to get her to lift, this one’s an easy shot. “Babe, Emma Stone started lifting for real and got into great shape. She even did deadlifts and farmer’s walks like I’m always telling you about. Check it out.”

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They must think it’s good for traffic

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I don’t understand the success of Emma Stone in general. She’s below average attractiveness among Hollywood leading ladies and I’ve never found her acting to be more than passable.

As far as the transformation, I too am skeptical that the 18 pounds is muscle. Her arms, legs, and neck have less definition in the after picture and her face is rounder. If a 110lb woman put on 18 pounds of actual muscle, the transformation would be dramatic, with shoulders and quads that pop. Mostly it seems she put on 18lbs of scale weight while managing to not look too much fatter in the process. But that doesn’t sound near as cool as 18 lbs of muscle.

Am triggered

You blind mane?

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She may not be the hottest girl in HW, but she is attractve(even with the weight gain). She is very likeable with a girl next door type of attraction.
K I’m working on a script for a biopic on Emily Mauresmo. I tentatively have mark Walberg cast as the lead, but I’m having second thoughts as he might not be masculine enough to make it really believable.

K what happened to your post of the Mark Wahlberg vid of doing a pirouette? I thought that was a nice touch.

Srsly tho… It disappeared

I love Ms. Stone. I love her and J’Law’s facial expressions. Glad to see she gained some weight. She was getting too thin.