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It’s clear you don’t know a thing about the man. What ever happened to having info before making such statements. What the hell is fresh? Case in point. His “Thug Life” wasn’t a lifestyle it was an acronym meaning “The Hate U Give Little Infants, Fucks Everybody” and his “Nigga” stood for “Never ignorant, getting goals accomplished.” He was a business man yes but most importantly he never sold out and his songs had meaning. He wrote about what he believed in and still sold over 50 million albums, something that is rare these days.

Todd, please

You have definitely taken Tupac to far. Where did this acronym come from now? You’ve got a case of hero worship. It’s fine because I enjoy Pac’s music but not to the point of turning a blind eye. He was a gifted thug who died before his prime but nothing more. Everything he said or did was not so grand. Eminem on the other hand is headed down the same path. As a reminder, all this Pac worship wasn’t going on when he was alive but now after his death.

M&M has said and will probably continue to say things about his mom. He’s basically put into rhyme the hate that some kids have for their mothers. Doesn’t make it right but it’s a reality. I’ve got plenty of friends who are white, black & asian who because they enjoy Latin music, culture & people dress, act & speak a “certain” way. They make fun of their culture along with making fun or my latin culture. M&M’s entitled just like you are to poke fun at the things you find funny in your race. Where he would get into trouble would be to poke fun at other races. Let’s just say that if he said about other races what he says about homosexuals there would be a problem.

There’s a market for Pac as there is for Eminem and they’re closer than your opinions make them out. Croooz

Bronx Bomber I agree that Eminem is getting better. At first I thought that he was almost a comic (slim shady).

You’re right, I’m just a crazy fan!!! Yes, I even imagined that I went and rented several documentaries where I watched tupac as he’s interviewed and he says exactly what I’ve been saying and what his acronyms meant. Yes, I even imagined that the titles were Thug angel and Tupac Vs. I’m so crrrrrazzzzyyy. whoooooaaa. I worship the ground he walks on and make up things…wwhoooooooo, so crazy. By the way, this was total sarcasm. Rent any one of those and listen to him. They have an interview when he’s in jail and he explains exactly what he’s about. They explain exactly where he came from, his mom’s political background that she instilled in him (black panther) educated him and sent him to the baltimore school of arts. You get to hear exactly why he shot those off duty cops, why did this and that, etc. You get to hear and see the struggles he went through, the worst ghettos in the world, best of all you get to see that he was a real person trying to make a difference, but he admitted at the same time he had a dark side and thus created the ever contraversial contradictions that he made in his life and music. Eminem is a bitch, never been in a fight in his life, shot a gun at damn wall…wow ssoooo crazy, and only attacks people like backstreet and christina…wow…so hard dude, so tough. That way he feels tough. You never see him talk shit on anyone who could beat his ass…oh I forgot his mom, yeah he’s so tough to talk trash about his mom, but I bet she could beat him up so kudos there! Emimem is a dork and that’s why all of these people relate to him. He’s representin yall! LOL

“Thanks p_nub, nice to have an adult convo around here for once…”

I guess that went out the window, huh.

It was fun while it was mature but once you feel the need for 4th grade sarcasm that is my cue to leave. Enjoy! Croooz

In regards to the original post, i wouldn’t stop with Rockstar - buy the NERD album. This is a group whose sound is a bit different and takes some getting used to but there are some awesome songs on there. As for Eminem no comment guys, personally i think he is a bit one dimensional - his sound and lyrics are pretty transparent in my opinion…

my 2cents on Eminem… ICE ICE Baby… Well he’s not a one hit wonder but how long will he last? I listen to all kinds of music and the greatest rappers were people like R.U.N. D.M.C., Slick Rick the ruler. People like Jam Master - J may he rest in peace were the genius in rap. Now I think rap is crap so is rock - n - roll. There’s no more talent out there anymore. The old Metal rules groups like the old Mettalica, Slayer, IRON MADIEN, they were all musicians. Now I think everyone just trys to copy everyonelse not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I don’t think that Eminem is perfect or the greatest thing but I do think he is real! and that is why I like him. Most areas of public life (poltics, sport, business, entertainment) are so stage managed so plastic so bland that they mean nothing to me. I would not mind if the system was working but quite clearly it is not? So here is Eminem a white man that raps (not allowed?) saying that everything is not alright (just listen to White America). This really upsets the system. The biggest problem with Eminem is that it is left to him to voice the anger of a generation while the political system, big business and the media are silent.

I still prefer hard driving straight forward rock where the musicians actually can play. Try the new Foo Fighters, or Riot act by Pearl Jam, their best in years. Both are excellent examples of REAL rock’n’roll.

Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss
Hot Snakes/Rocket From the Crypt
Wellwater Conspiracy
Eminem has crossover appeal - it makes it difficult for me to trust him. I’ve grown to distrust radio so much that I shoot holes in most anything I hear on it. Protective device I suppose.

Adam Marshall