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I was browned off by modern music with its themes of how many women I fucked (Ja Rule etc)and how much money I made (P Diddy) or just how plastic it was (N*SYNC etc). But Eminem has some really strong songs especially Lose Yourself and White America. Along with N.E.R.D’s Rockstar I am starting to like music again. What do you all think?

Eminem is o.k., but I like Swollen Members better (except for the stuff they play on MTV)

Eminem does have some good songs, but sometimes he goes a little overboard (check out “Kim” from the Marshall Mathers CD (can you say disturbing). Also, don’t exempt NERD from the “how many women I fucked” list. Just check out his uncensored “Lap Dance” video.

I really like eminem. Rare talent in an age where there is none.

That is not talent nor do i consider musicians ( more like entertainers) MTV plays the worst music, not because it’s mainstream but because it just sucks ass. I am personaly not a rap fan becuase I don’t like to see insecure and ignorant people talk about “How hard thier” life was or how they beat up and disrespect woman. There not Men. Real music is rock n roll and Metal
( Iced Earth, Testament, Kreator, Sepultura, Pantera, Iron Maiden, In Flames, Anthrax, Old Metallica, Sentenced,Sevendust, Ozzy and BLS Zakk Wylde…up the irons!!!) all “new” music isn’t music,it’s cacaughphony.

Eminem makes me wanna throw up all over the place. The dude puts so much effort into bashing the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears - that takes a lot of talent! Besides, he practically is a Backstreet boy. Most of his fan base is 12 year old girls! He’s just the other side of the same coin. Of course when he isn’t picking on the lame, he’s rapping about himself, how great he is, and how we’re so lucky he’s around. Enough already! Oh yeah, in 8Mile he plays a struggling white rapper - what a stretch! While I’m not a rap fan, I can remember a time when rap actually meant something. It was about expression, telling stories that needed to be told, a fight for equality and justice. Today, rap encompasses bitches and hoes, petty personal vendettas, bling, and how filthy rich rappers are. No thanks…

Wrong you are Pat…There is talent, but talent doesn’t always sell. Eminem got lucky and only broke through because of help from Dr. Dre. Most people’s definition of talent seems to be leather thongs in women, and missing teeth in rappers, and so forth.

Anything experimental, controversial, or thought that it will not sell, will not be placed on the market.

Look at the shit bands polluting the rock stations today. You people might well disagree with me, but listen out my point. Remember Pearl Jam? Think of Creed, Theory of the Dead Man, Nickelback, and all those shameless imitators. Now, you might disagree with me in that I HATE Pearl Jam and anything that sounds like PJ (my opinion, yours may differ). But the point that stands is that all these other bands I listed and some others as well definitely are shameless imitators or PJ, and this has got to stop, because quite frankly I can’t stomach that type of “rock” anymore. Rant over :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Eminem. I also like DMX.I don’ like most rap. I’m sick and tired or rappers trying to be hard. I’m sick and tired of fat-asses talking about women when they can’t get any.Ja rule sucks so much ass! Eminem has a way with words and writing I’ve never seen before. Eminem and Papa Roach are probably my favorite artists right now. Anybod who wants to criticize Eminem just based on stuff that’s on the radio is obviously too ignorant to listen to one of his whole CD’s. Out of three he’s put out I don’t have a least favorite. He’s a modern day genius. Just listen to the lyrics in “Stan”. Sorry but no-one else goes that hard!

MDOG, I too am a fan of heavy music and have pretty much always hated rap as it wasn’t “real music.” But Eminem is doing something completely different from all that other popular ©rap right now. He’s not rapping about all his bitches, hizzos, his millions of $, his bentleys, yachts, bottles of cristal. His lyrics actually have content.

I’m not a big eminem fan but i can see talent when it presents itself. Personally In this day and age i think you have to appreciate it when an artist writes his own lyrics, whatever they may be. Talent in the rap industry comes few and far beetween. And im not talkin about those who can ryme im talkin about true storytellers, eminem is a storyteller as is Tupac, NAZ, DMX, to name a few. These guys put thier heart and soul into what they do. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in.

Growing up all I use to listen to was rap. The old school stuff. You know late 70’s all of the 80’s. When it was more about parties and breakdancing in the clubs. The rappers now days are just showoffs. They try to say the most outlandish things that’ll sell cd’s.
As I hit my 20’s the music of choice was and still is Metal( Metallica, Rob and White Zombie, Old G & R, Motor Head, Ozzy, Some Peral Jam stuff and Narvanna), Country ( Allen Jackson, George Straight and BR549 ) and
TexMex Music ( it’s a mix of country and spanish music. Hence the word spanglish.

Tupac was the greatest rapper of all time. His lyrics are unbelievable and every rapper admits this, even Eminem who tries to copy his style. Eminem was quoted as saying he’s the “white tupac” but I don’t think so. There’s only one legend. At least Tupac was mature enough to write an endearing song about his mother, despite her kicking him out while in high school and herself being a crack fiend. Still, he wrote a song later showing his gratitude for her and understanding what she was going through. Yeah…what a thug…talking badly about your mother. Then he goes and makes fun of white people saying, “yeah dude” and mocking people of his own race. Sickening piece of shit who neeeds his ass beat. Then he hooked up with gay ass dre who touches little boys. sick!

Personally, I think the Beastie Boys 1989 album “Paul’s Boutiqe” is the highlight of rap as I’ve heard it. That album is such a great collage of imaginative sampling and fun, whimsical, clever rhyming. The subject matter is light, but it is really a helluva lot of fun.

todd, Tupac is the greatest no one will come close to him, agreed. I don’t think Eminem tries to copy his style though. Not at all. The only thing in common is that they’re both genius’s in their own way. You have your opinion about Eminem and I respect that, not trying to get in a gay-ass message post fight. But what’s this you heard about Dr. Dre touching little kids? I’m just curious.

Thanks p_nub, nice to have an adult convo around here for once.

I do have to admit that Eminem has talent, no doubt about that. I just think he needs to grow up a bit and mature.

About Dre, I can’t believe you’ve never heard about that. Well, there is a documented case of child molestation or abuse or some sort, I forget which at Death Row studios back when dre and pac were all there, but no one would say who it was. Well, in tupac’s lyrics he said, “Still down for that death row sound,
searching for pay dayz, no longer dre dayz, ariva dirche, long and forgotten, rocked for plotten child’s play, check your sexuality, as fruity as this alize’.”
Well, normally I wouldn’t pay as much attention to lyrics and take them literal but when you couple that with the documented case, and then add that in one of tupac’s last interviews where he was asked about dre, he said, “There’s secrets that everybody is going to find out about…I feel what was done in the dark will some day come to light, so there’s going to be secrets that every body eventually finds out that I won’t have to playa hate or drop snitch about, you’ll see.”
Well, that to me says he knew it was dre who did it and he’s always had other rappers talk about his sexuality.

Yo Yo Yo!! Why you dissin me son! My flows is tizight! Keep bumpin and i’ll buss a cap in yo ass son!


I definitely agree with your view on Tupac. He, even now, is putting out some great stuff. Where I think your argument goes wrong is with Eminem. Mocking people of his own race? The guys been mocked and continues to be by his race and others. He’s a product of the environment where he grew up and while his skin is definitely pale white his culture is hip hop. So who cares about who he mocks? Japanese kids who are into hiphop mock their own as do other races. Just a fact of life.

The other thing is that while Tupac did reconcile with his mom, at least on record, she never sued. How jacked up does one’s mother have to be to sue her kid? Eminem’s grandma was on the radio, new found fame because of M&M, & she doesn’t even speak to her own daughter. Not agreeing with how extreme Eminem’s lyrics get about her, but there must also be some truth to them.

The Dre molestation thing seems a bit far fetched, simply because why didn't it make the news. R.Kelly was all over the news and so why wouldn't Dre's. Where would I find this documentation?


He’s got some talented rhymes, that’s fa sho.

It just makes me sick that he makes fun of white people as if he were a black person that’s all I am saying. It’s where a black person will be funny and pretend that he’s white and talk with a certain tone and say “dude” well Eminem does that and that makes me think that he thinks he’s black or something and so he should do the same. He’s a joke regardless. Tupac and his mom were best friends until he died and he did admit and say certain things on his records that his mom could get angry about, but she never sued him. Still, Emmie made those songs talking about her BEFORE she sued him so your argument doesn’t make sense.
With the Death Row thing…come on…you really think every crime goes reported??? Especially at death row where every damn person working there was a former convict? I’d give you the site but we’re not allowed to do that here. A and R people were beat down at death row and that went unreported. Keep in mind that the FBI had an official investigation going on with Death Row which included things like possible drug trafficking, murder, etc. There was something on the news just a few days ago where a SWAT team raided death row studios in hollywood.

Um, I’m not sure how many people are actually true hip hop heads, but I’ll just add my two cents. Eminem has talent and he;s been getting better, but he’s not about much. Sure he has some songs that are worth listening to, but just like pac, most of his stuff is just not that good. I don’t know why people Idolize Pac, but he wasn’t that great. Sure, some of his songs were good, but a lot of his songs were not so good. He got delusional after doing fresh. He started thinking he was Thug life. Sorry, but some cat from the Bronx singing hooks on Digital underground going “Thug LIfe” for the west coast is just a gimmick. He was loyal to those who looked out for him but that was his downfall. Suge didn’t have his best interests in mind. Now if you want to talk true artists we can do that, but just a comment to those who don’t like rap. One, it is your opinion and I’m not one to step on it. But realize this, any art form that can make money will be pimped by Business. If they can make a buck, the companies will do this. For those who don’t like current artists cause they disrespect women (and I agree), don’t think there aren’t women execs that are putting this out. For those that think rap is all about how much money you have, how many women you have, etc, it’s not good to make generalizations cause I remember before I got into heavy metal and hard rock how everyone used to say it was all “Kill your mother kill your father!!!” It’s not, but that’s all that I heard. Well, that’s my two cents. Agree or disagree, it’s a free world.