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Eminem vs. the Cannons




who's heard it. just got wind of this morning.


Leaked Kayne, Cudi, and Common

The jury's still out on this one for me.



leaked Birdman....too cluby for me.



That Em diss was hard! I just heard it this morning too at defsounds.com. I wanna see one of them suckers respond though, just to see if Em really has some "shit" on Mariah. I mean come on, who wouldn't wanna see her naked?


HARD? you can't be seriuos, that was wack. The only good line was when he said you better get a career first. As of now it looks like he got beat by an R&B artist, because obsessed still makes him look like a loser.

Anybody should have some goofy stuff, and if it's naked pictures it'll just blow Mariah's career up even more like it did for Kim Kardashian. I hope he can do better than this.


Oh wow. Nick Cannon's best bet is to keep his mouth shut and hope it blows over.

He's not fuckin with Em.


Oh wow. Nick Cannon's best bet is to keep his mouth shut and hope it blows over.

He's not fuckin with Em.


LOL. I don't think you get the whole "diss" thing. If you're talking lyrically, sure it wasn't up to par compared to his previous diss tracks but the message was HARD. "Shut up or your career is over". And I don't think MC or Nick would appreciate being humiliated like that.

If you want an analogy, look at Ether vs Takeover. It was consensus that NAS won that beef, but Takeover was better LYRICALLY by a million points. But Ether was so hard that Nas basically fucked jayz over by saying EM murdered him on his own track (Renegade). Nas went hard on that track but jayz's song was much better lyrically.


The sad thing is, that was light years better than anything on his album.

He always beefs with easy targets though. Only credible beef he ever had was with Ja Rule.


what ever happened to actual fighting? These pussies sit back and write rhymes about each other, pretty gay if you ask me. If someone was showing pics of my girl and she didn't want them too there'd be no diss tapes, just a couple wired jaws and broken ribs


I'm one of the biggest Eminem fans, but I will say that there is no point to him going on NC except as a publicity stunt. They're not in the same league by any sense of the word and if NC is smart, he will not let this continue by just dropping it. With that being said, I can't listen to any of this cuz I'm at work, who said what now? Give me the short version.

Bagpipes from Baghdad is one of my favorite songs on his new album, basically cuz of the beat and that one line "breast nipple flesh tickles my testicles"


Im not a fan of rap music really, but you cant deny that EM ends peoples careers with diss tracks. Ja Rule, ICP, Benzino, Irv Gotti, Moby, Limp Bizkit, all of them gone never to be heard from again.


heard it this morning too

pretty funny. where did all this come from though? Mariah aka Mary P was dissing Em?


thats not leaked...theres a video out to it already and its been on MTV for like 2-3 weeks.


Smoke Bulga feat Jim Jones

Smoke murders Jim on this shit, yes. BOston


This shit is hilarious.


Ja went after Em because he was associated with 50 cent. Guilty by association.

Its true though, Moby, Limb Biskit, easy targets.

I think Mariah has a better shot at defending herself than Nick Cannon does.


Nick used to have a show called Wilin' Out. At the end they always have those on the show 'battle' each other with one liners. I remember Wayne Brady was on, and he TORCHED Nick Cannon. Hilarious.


Ja Rule- career was over when he started over doing the r and b thing

ICP never wanted to do that pop radio thing so they never had a "career" in that aspect. They had and still have a strong movement Psychopathic Records has gotten bigger since that beef. That was some more shit em started for no reason

who the hell was Benzino?

Moby is still sick with tech, chances are he never appealed to eminem fans to begin with. Most dj's never have a "career" in the pop world

Limp Bizkit broke up because of creative differences-each member wanted to go in a different direction.

Eminem had nothing to do with any of them losing anything. They either never wanted the pblicity that em needs or they had already killed themselves


Until he says "she's only fucking with me because you wasn't good enough". This battle could possibly lift nick if he plays his cards right higher than anything he would've done on his own.
He has the resources to battle -->(he can get writers, and good beats). Em better be careful coming at someone so light.