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Eminem Sucks


Seriously he's a guy who made a career about how angsty and misunderstood he is and how he hates women, is now making songs with Rhianna what a sell out and a hack. Eminem is the anti-T man.


His new album is actually pretty good. Some classic shit on there.


No he really doesn't.

People/artists change...... Get over it.



Eminem changed his style...and he did a great job of it. That dude's rap skills may be better now than they were before...he just isn't saying the same shit.


I haven't heard that much of his stuff, but every once in a while a friend will play me an old freestyle or bootleg that will blow my mind. Hes got talent.


he has always been a talented lyricist and skilled rapper. he sucks because he has no material rap about besides bad relationships and trite introspects.


Because anybody else raps about metaphysical anomalies and the intricacies of social misfortune?

dude, just listen to someone else then, lol.


Eminem most definitely has talent; every artist focuses on a niche. You can't fault him for rapping about specific subjects any more than you can fault Jesse Barnes for always including light in his paintings.


I actually quite agree with the OP. His first (mainstream/SSLP) CD was great. His second (MMLP) was good... and then there were the rest.

It was startling the day that I realized one of my favorite rappers was a whiny little bitch. Kind of makes you lose respect for a guy.


Recovery reveals another side of Eminem--one which makes me respect him even more. As with lifting weights, you can't do the same thing all the time with music and expect different results.

Seriously though, you gotta love Eminem's flow in the last "Untitled" track and the most recent single, "No Love."


I love his new cd.. just as good as his others imo.. I also like the range of topics he covers. Its more entertaining then fucking bitches and hoes


I lost some faith in his music until his recent album... even he admits the last 2 were crap.

His new album may be his best work yet, and regardless, the guy has a ton of talent. One of the best ever.


I think "Not Afraid" is not even in the top 3rd of the best songs on the new album.


I got to see him live during the Up In Smoke tour and Anger Management. Anger Management I was right up on the railing at the start then jumped over the railing the same time a fight broke out. I got to watch the rest of the show right on the side of the stage chilling with the head of security. It was cool b/c D12, Exhibit, and E were all the stage and security didn't care I was there.

Definately miss those days, however I can't blame him for evolving.


Eminem is really good.

He's made a rediculous amount of money talking about his curious eccentricities and events in his life. Why in the fuck would he change?

I really hope the OP also complains about Scarface sounding the same year after year or for Get Rich or Die Tryin sounding the same as Curtis.

Actually, I hope the OP dies in a fire.


Eminem bores me. That song with Rhianna is pretty damn trite. Cringe worthy. I think he was good in the beginning, but he's lost it. I don't have a problem with style changes, but he hasn't done it well IMO. Just get tired of his moping and whining. There's no edge to it. Just comes off as cheesy and uninspired. I don't blame him for continuing to release music, because that's his job, that's who he is, he's a rapper, and what else is he gonna do all day? But don't kid yourself that it's good.


Soft spot for the guy. Rap is hardly my genre but I respect his talent immensely. This happens a lot with acts that actually last through the years. Metallica is the big example that comes to mind. There's always a backlash when they change but really WTH would make sense? Just as I am a completely different person from who I was ten years ago, artist grow and evolve as well.

They would hardly be ARTISTS if they weren't exploring different aspects of their art. I also appreciate when the music reflects actual struggles that the individual is facing. Eminem has brought us along with him through his battle with addiction and pursuit of recovery. I can never disregard that type of vulnerability combined with what I see as his incredible talent.


The songs from his album that they play on the radio.. the rhianna one specifically are my least favorite.. I wouldn't judge his new album based on those songs. There are much much better ones on the album.


I love the new CD. The guy is talented.