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Eminem - Relapse


The entire album is up.


It's been up for a while, and how good is it??
The singles he put out again doesn't do the CD justice. If you've ever been a fan of Eminem in the past you'll like this album too.


Yeah, I didn't like We Made You too much, but it grows on you a bit. Crack a Bottle is very nice. The whole album is great though. Did he really shoot that dude Steve Berman?


I can listen to Crack a Bottle, the rest IMO is wack. Gorilla Zoe's "Don't feed da Animalz" is where its at IMO. Ross' "Deeper than Rap" also didn't do it for me. I hate Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" I fucking hate that stupid ass beat.


ahh you like the raw stuff, i'll x2 on that and the "club banger" song Blame It. If I hear that song ONE MORE FUCKN TIME, i'll shoot myself.


Still deciding on this album....
Eminem's albums usually have a balance of disgusting, offensive humour and honest introspection, and so far I kinda feel like the balance is missing here. And the accents he uses on many tracks isn't helping either (too much). Some of the songs that deal with topics that he used to approach seriously aren't done that way here. It might be better than Encore, dunno if it's better than The Eminem Show, let alone his first two albums.


I really like about 4-5 songs, overall a good album for modern hip hop standards, i'd rate it about a low 7 out of 10.

Nothing on his early stuff at all though.




Infinite/Slim Shady LP/Marshall Mathers LP were his best albums by far IMHO. After that the quality dropped significantlly.


here is a track that didn't make the album...check it out...

there are a couple others that didn't make the album up on youtube as well


I think it's sub-par. He used to rap about crazy shit, now he just raps about being crazy.


I know what you're saying. I think he just used to get angry about shit and write serious raps about it. Now, he just laughs everything off and his raps reflect it.