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Eminem: Relapse


I've just listened to the new album....first impression is it's very average. He puts on an accent in a lot of the songs, there are no really good beats and the content is the same as always. I think he's losing a lot of his creative edge.

I'll see if anything grows on me, but it's not looking good.

Anyone else heard it? Thoughts?


I have only heard the new song 3am
I actually like it,as cheesy as it is
but I would have to agree it is typical slim shady stuff.


Is it even out yet?
The first few songs are made that way in purpose. Remember The real slim shady and My name is? Both were poppy beats and really no lyrical value at best. But the albums were arguably classics. The corny songs are used for promotional purposes.


I didn't like it that much. Too commercial and doesn't have that ... feel to it.

I liked Marshall Mathers LP the most.


There is a leaked copy floating about. I know his initial single is satiricial, however this album is weak to say the least.


How is the lyrical content? He usually shines in that department.


He USED to shine in lyrical content dept. What album was it? Curtain Call I think. That album was garbage.

I don't know, he seems to have lost his hunger and edge. Just like a lot of popular rappers he's become too formulaic and distant from what made him such a star when he was still "new" and fresh.

It's a damn shame too, I used to really like Eminem too. I could be just me; give me a Talib Kweli mixtape or a bootleg, underground mix of the next Blackstar album that'll be shelved.

EDIT: Not curtain call; encore. my b


Yeah Encore was very unbalanced and I really couldn't take it seriously. He jumped the shark the moment he made a song about Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, WTF was he thinking? Mosh and some others were great but I think he lost his drive when his best friend Proof was killed. After that it was all down hill.


Yea, I second that. I don't know, I just feel that there's a lot of former top notch hip hop artists that aren't so top notch anymore and none of the young ones are stepping in to fill the void. The majority of stuff out there seems to be just one gimmick after another. I felt this way around the time 50 Cent became popular.


Very true on many accounts. KRS ONE still puts out albums but he has been on some next shit ever since he moved out to LA and became some sort of Guru. I still rock Talib and Mos Def hard. Mos Def has an album coming out this summer and from what I have heard it looks promising. John Forte is putting out stuff ever since he was pardoned by bush. Q Tips recent album was really good IMO he brought it back to the lyrics and mellow beats. The new cats are lost in the sauce. Asher Roth has some potential, from the mixtapes I have heard he is early Eminem without the psychosis. Ghostface Killah puts out an good album every year or year and a half so one should be right around the corner.

We still got Lupe, Kanye, Common, and the other lyrically minded rappers still putting out good stuff. Ring tone rappers are gonna cycle themselves out just wait and see. Also Cam'ron is coming out next week, (him and Jeezy are my guilty pleasures). So the hip hop game is grey but not a lost cause as of yet.


yeah lupe and common are pretty good still...but kanye i think he really sold out on his last album it wasnt like the old kanye that i liked...thats just my opinion...late registration and graduation were my favs...but i cant stand to hear shit like t-pain an thats what he did by using the voice synthesizer and "attempting" to sing...but i havent heard the new eminem..an im not really interested in picking it up because i hate the songs that are on the radio currently...which is sad he use to be one of my favorite rappers


I never knew he had one to begin with.


Problem is all of those rappers aren't new or young (except Lupe ... Little Brother's pretty good too). I haven't heard a new rapper come out that's blown my socks off (except Lupe).

I heard a rumor about Ghostface doing an album exclusively using MF Doom beats. I've been waiting for that.

I hope you're right about the ring tone rappers, man. I hate hearing the pop-hop radio shit all over the place. It hurts me soul.


I see what ya did there, lol.

I agree with what your saying and with the exception of Asher Roth Its a old mans game. If it stays like that hip hop will die off literally. I think rappers don't "put on" cats that they grew up with or that they know are great lyricists. The last dude to put on a great rapper was Dre with Em, or even Fat Joe with Big Pun. Its a selfish game sad to say it.


Just because you don't approve of the music, doesn't make it trash.



I hear ya. Nas has consistently tried to put on his boys but they've failed to catch on or release anything significant (except AZ). Off of Street's Disciple he tried to prop up Quan, but I haven't heard anything come from that. Lake was good, but nothing doin'. Ghost's son has some talent (I mean look who his dad is), and I'll be honest I like the Theodore Unit as a whole. haha talking to you about it actually still gives me hope for the future of hip hop.


Come on, you're going to tell me he isn't a creative and talented individual?

50 Cent had 1 good album, which was his first one. His next one was ok, and the rest just went to shit.

"Ring-tone rappers" - I like that. It really sums up well what most of these fucking clowns on the radio sound like - good thing I only hear the radio at the gym occasionally.

I honestly can't find any decent songs on Relapse, it's sad.


It just wouldn't be a hip hop thread without Rockscar jumping in to tell us how much it sucks.


Underground hip hop is the only thing keeping the culture alive. i hate these kids i hear bumping hip pop/ring tone rap...then they dress like fucking thugs. it's just sad, they have no idea about real hip hop. 90's hip hop was by far the best hip hop of all time but only got that way through the greats when it was created.


The really fucked up part is that there are some good mixtape artist that get signed to a label and then disappear into thin air. Joel Ortiz is sick lyrically he had a good mixtape "Bricks, Bodega Chronicles" check it out if you haven't already he has that mid 90's flow and a respect for the game that you can hear in his lyrics He signed with Aftermath and you know what happens when you sign to Aftermath, Your album disappears forever or it just doesn't get made, Where is Rakim, Busta, Rahdigga? All these people signed to Aftermath and now they are in limbo. Saigon had great potential but got frustrated with the label procrastinating on his album and cursed out his label head on his blog. That caused his album to fall by the wayside. Quan was dope as fuck and I have no clue wtf happened to him. Red Cafe is okay and with some refinement will be a great MC, unfortunately he signed to Bad Boy so you know you will never hear from him again, (where is Black Rob?)

I think rap is eating its young, by following old age tactics and having retarded A&R's deciding the fate of really talented up and comers.

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