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Eminem Baby Stunt

Like him or hate him, he IS fun to have around!

AP) - The real Slim Shady stood up and made fun of Michael Jackson by dangling a baby doll over a hotel balcony. Rapper Eminem also wore a surgical mask over his face Tuesday in an obvious swipe at Jackson, who dangled his baby, Prince Michael II, over a balcony railing in Berlin in November. Eminem, who was staying at the Art House Hotel in Glasgow, went further than Jackson by tossing the doll into the air and catching it.

another pic

God bless him and all his “In Your Face” humor.

He’s a genius.

Maybe jacko will look at this and realize what a dumbass he is.

The guy knows how to comment on American pop culture crap, that much is for sure. his rhyme flow ain’t bad neither.

I think the kid needs to grow up.

Eminem is the man…