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Emily's Playground aka Let's Process our Feelings III




The South will rise from what?

The sofa? That's optimistic.


I love the Confederacy! And all it stands for.


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You know what? I have pretty strong feelings about the messy formatting in this thread title. I'm not sure, if I ever have a tender feeling again, which I probably will, that I'll be able to post it in a thread with apostrophe issues.

I electrocuted myself today while painting (but don't tell Hockey, because he'll mock me for it) and while I would normally look for an outlet for my thoughts and feelings in the wake of a near-death experience, I'm keeping them stoically to myself instead.


Everyone flocks to anything you have to say so regale us with your deep insights into realms we only dream of!


Was that intended?


Ha! I've never noticed a flock of anything following me - you'd think I would have.

Now that the title is fixed I'll have to rethink my stoicism. I'm supposed to be painting the kitchen, not goofing off online, though, so if I'm going to regale it'll have to be later.


Haha! No! I don't have the energy for clever puns after painting all day.


What color?


It's called Desert Sand or some such. It's a pale butter-yellow - just enough color to make white trim pop. It's not the final kitchen color. We're using it because the kitchen is hopefully going to be bumped out in a few months and it will need to be repainted. This is the master bedroom color, which adjoins. It just seemed easiest to continue on. Half the kitchen is a dark barn red, so this looks pretty nice. I just want it to be clean and bright. It was a filthy peach color before.


I was just about to say that if she would have been on the look out for an outlet in the first place maybe she wouldn't have been electrocuted but you made it less clever than it already was.


Seems a little harsh ha.


I just thought she had a nice ... flagpole.


I'll probably pull over the last couple posts, since the thread was locked before I got a chance to reply.

But, good news is I think we found some workable options for both the range and the fridge, without having to figure out all the nuances of commercial equipment in a residential setting.

At this point, I'm pretty sure we're just going to have a house built. Even the couple $million+ open houses we wandered through, despite their "homeowners do a lot of entertaining" kitchens, still don't really fit our needs. Those were fun to look at though.


Sarcasm noted. All of my male ancestors fought for the confederacy, and some of them died for it, but I'm pretty ambivalent about it. Ambivalence is a feeling, right?


I've actually spent as much time in the south as north, and honestly don't have a beef. I just felt that some sort of comment was called for there.

The modern-day Confederate flag-flyers do dismay me a bit, though, I suppose. A bit of an Aryan Nation vibe there. But mostly (mostly) it's kids flying the flag without any real knowledge of the issues faced by the south leading up to the Civil War, and kids do stupid things, so.

Ambivalence is a mix of feelings. Shall we process them? lol


What's your timeframe on the house, LoRez?


The ancestors I know of were confederate deserters who were hidden by the local farmers because they were coming back home to try to bring in the crops. Too poor for slaves, too poor to care about war.


One of the things that pisses me off about the Confederacy is how they made an exemption to their draft for anyone who owned 10 or more slaves, the logic being that those men needed to stay home to keep an eye on those slaves. So, those motherfuckers were sending other guys off to fight and die for their "property rights" but they were too important to go. So that's anger.