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EMG Rep Speed Tests/Studys


Hi Christian and all,

I was thinking that maybe you could do an EMG rep speed test/study, on say 6 reps at .5/.5 = 6 seconds and 1 rep at 3/3 = 6 seconds, both using say 75% or maybe may more tests, and put an article on T-Nation. This would then put another nail in coffin of the people who think and try those slow not very productive reps. I have found one or two tests/studies, but surprising not many or one of the biggest if the biggest topics/debates in Bodybuilding. I myself am trying to buy a machine.

Or would anyone else out there know for any EMG studies ???



Yo Wayne,

Send an email to Bret Contreras. That's one of his areas of specialization.



I did, but he rented his EMG machine, but he was quite helpfull.



Hi there,

I did mail him, but he only rented out his EMG machine. But he was quite helpfull.



I'm confused, what is EMG going to prove about the "productiveness" of a rep?


@ Sharp, I think it would measure a higher amount of muscle activation due to increased rep speed in compared to a rep performed with the same weight but performed at a slower tempo rather than explosive nature.


Does anybody actually contest that point though?
And isn't the supposed benefit of this training technique that it's better for hypertrophy?
And if that is so, how would EMG be useful in proving that?


I think it would be interesting to see what the actual differences in peak and mean activation between fast and slow reps are. Let's not forget Thib's perfect rep scheme (where I believe) you lower it controlled then the last ~1/4 you use the stretch reflex/elastic properties to create a fast concentric.