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Emergency with testing on juice

I took 15 tabs of 2 mg winstrol on monday and 10 tabs of 2mg winstrol on tuesday. That is it… How long will this be in my system for me to fail a test? Please answer this as it is crucial. Come on T-men dont dog me.

What’s the test for? Is it for a natural bodybuilding comp? If so, I hope to hell you fail it!

It depends on the type of testing you are talking about. If it is for a job, non-sports related, then you have nothing to worry about. No job that I know of tests for hormones. So basically you could be 'roided out of your mind and still pass any company drug test. This is a fundemental misunderstanding of drug testing. Steriod testing is a very different thing all together and costs a hell of a lot more $$ to perform. Steriod testing does test for renegade substances, but it also tests based on ratios with in the endocrine system. For instance, how can you simply test for the presence on testosterone? Everybody would fail because everybody has some, you have to check the levels as they pertain to the rest of your body’s chemicals. In the case of Winstol and deca they are detectable because they do not naturally occur in males. The bottom line is no company does it anyway. If you were being tested for sports related drug abuse, I would say you still don’t have a problem. Winny has a pretty short half-life. In the little amount you took, you should be in the pink. If your nervous just drink alot of water until your pee pee is pretty much water, then you’ll be fine in any event. If it’s for a company, they are testing for pot, coke, heroin and related substances. There are ways around these to but I won’t get into it.