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Emergency PCT Question: Finished PCT 2 Weeks Ago

So I recently did my first cycle , fucked it up /and fucked up the PCT. I finished about 2 weeks ago and I was just wondering how close am I to permanent damage? My balls are now noticeably smaller and ache a bit, I am tired all the time , work outs are incredibly hard, and now my face keeps getting hot flashes. I am trying to find a lab to get an analysis done to confirm what is going on. My questions are if I do have low testosterone as a result of not doing pct correctly can I run another pct properly to fix it? Do I have a time limit ? Have I surpassed this time limit? Is there any permanent damage that can be done? Freaking out a bit as I am in another country with no health insurance and don’t speak the native language.

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Most likely.

Chill. Deep breath. Woooosahhhh.

Ok, you haven’t got labs yet but you’re getting them right?

What did you take? Dose? How long? How long was PCT? What did you take?

I ran a fucked cycle and fucked pct.
250test 500deca 4 weeks 500 test 500deca 2 weeks back to 250 test 500 deca 2 weeks for a total of 8 weeks. Dbol first half winstrol last 3 weeks.
Pct was hcg 500 every other day for 10 days than clomid for 2 weeks and proviron for the first 10 days or so of the second week and than hcg last week for a total of 4 weeks ish. Last week of hcg I got the wrong size for injection and was probably not injecting any hcg and one day did too much around 2000 before I realized what was happening and it was the wrong size. I found something online to get the analysis done which will test testosterone, cholesterol and liver. But i don’t know how long that process takes


Yeah, you feel like shot because you didn’t actually run a PCT. You started it four weeks too early, didn’t run it right, and also literally used a suppressive steroid while trying to recover.

Try again, only do it right this time. Nolva for six weeks at 20mg/d. Nothing else.


Iron yuppie, what’s up never heard back from u . Ask u if u wanted to give me some guidance??

I started the PCT 18 days after my cycle ended, thought it was enough time. I don’t think I have access to nolva here. I have access to clomid and hcg? Also what do you think about permanent damage? How serious is my issue? Confident I can get back to normal? I’m still spazzing out a bit thanks

That’s not a PCT. you’ve done nothing to re-start your HPTA. Can you get a SERM and run it for 4 weeks?

What specifically would I need to get? I can ask my guy. He gave me clomid and pregnyl and tamoxifen but he didn’t have enough tamoxifen cause it’s hard to get without prescription.

That would be my preference, 20mg daily for 4-6 weeks. Otherwise Clomid 25mg for 4-6 weeks

So you agree with Ironyuppie, just a SERM for 6 weeks? No need for HCG? Why do I not need the HCG? Also you mentioned in your first reply I most likely can fix it by running another PCT, but how serious do you think it is right now if you had to guess am I at risk of having my balls like this forever?

I have no idea. Do you have labs from before, during? Do you know what you’re starting point was?

Did you post your age?

HCG isn’t a restart drug. You’re taking one compound that increases LH and two compounds (HCG and Proviron) that suppress it. Opposite actions.


Unfortunately I did not get any work done before and do not know my starting point.
Age 25

Likely you’ll bounce back

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Probably not. Pct isn’t necessary at all, if you want to get technical. Guys recover naturally because that’s what your body is good at doing. But PCT is recommended because it keeps you from feeling like shit for months on end. You took plenty of HCG already. A SERM (yes, Clomid is fine) helps restart your system faster than it will naturally. If all you can get is Clomid then 25mg/eod for six weeks.


So PCT is mostly used to remove you from the low test symptoms, pit.

The recovery is halted briefly by this intervention (PCT) and resumed from there by your own body.

So most people will not achieve close to pre cycle numbers with a PCT but will be delivered close enough to don’t bother messing up the HPTA even more?

No, it is used to accelerate recovery which in turn can alleviate some of the more unpleasant symptoms of low testosterone post cycle. Most guys end up at the same place six months after a cycle, but using SERMs and HCG get them there faster and with less drag.

Please, see my case on my post today. I posted the results from my PCT.

My results came out, two weeks after pct:
Total test went from post cycle 256, went to 351 post pct
Free test went from 5 to 8
Estradiol still >15
LH from 4 to 4.5
FSH from 12 to 13.
SHBG from 24 to 26

My libido is normal, haven’t lost much strenght, my recovery from workouts did not change.

Where I go from here? Will I ever recover? What should I do?