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Emergency: Craftmanship Required


Say someone moves city and forgets all pairs of cufflinks. If said person needs to wear them tomorrow morning (12 hours from now, shops wont yet be open) what would you recommend he does? I'll need ro relay the information to him ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:

He was thinking using string or something.


Perhaps travel pins with those frogs on the end. Heck a paper clip if twisted properly should work.


I'd ask your new neighbors or go to Craigslist if you want to buy legit.

Ghetto: sew two buttons together and superglue something that could pass for a cuff link to the buttons or something.


They don't. Might try downstairs. Or upstairs.

Dont have any accesories so might just try the paper clip.


4 small coat buttons (solid front, no holes, thread ring on the back), needlenose pliers and a wire twist-tie .

Voila' McGuyver cufflinks.


You can buy cufflinks at craft supply stores. They are "blanks" and you super-glue whatever you want onto them (which you can also get in the same section).


Two short rubberbands, two splitshot 1/2 oz or so, whatever is big enough not to slip through the hole. That's what she said.

Also, Wall-Mart sells them and they open early, no?


Hahaha I love your avatar. Thanks for the tip but by the time craft stores will be open I'll just buy a new pair to last me till Thursday :slight_smile:


Small magnets. Preferably NdFeB rare earth magnets. You can get them out of those little magnetic ball and rod toys if anyone on the block has kids. One magnet on either side and you're done. If he's feeling extra crafty, he could glue something fancy looking to one of the magnets.


bailing wire?


Thank you. I made him the other day. He is bulking and he does not train arms directly. I thought about putting him up in RMP but he does not WHEY enough yet. HA! HA!


razor wire?