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Emerald Balance Vs. Greens+


I'm looking into getting a greens supplement to replace my multi and I know Greens+ is generally recommended by the authors but I've also heard some good things about Emerald Balance. Anyone with recommendations/thoughts?

Also I recall reading an article here on overdosing on Vitamin C and E, and Emerald has quite a bit of both, should i be cautious of that or no?

Here's the links to both for ingredients:




I have to say that garden of LIFE perfect food blows both out of the water. because of the live fermentation process it feels alive in your body, vs the feeling of just dead nutrients the other have.


Greens+ is the worst greens product I've seen. It contains quite a few things I definitely do not want to put in my body.

I'm currently using Berry Green and happy with it.


I've tried searching for this in the past with no avail, but the debate seems to have resurfaced...

What do you guys think about Puritan's Pride Life's Greens? It's pretty inexpensive and the label reads good stuff. I figured there might be a manufacturing difference that made on brand better than another, or more "fresh."


like what ?


Yea I'm wondering the same thing. Also I'm thinking of looking into Berry Green as well.


I take Emerald Balance after trying Greens+ and Perfect Food.


I'm sure Perfect Food is one of the better ones because it's the most vile, disgusting greens supplement I've tasted. The price is good though, only a buck or two more than Greens+. I choke down a serving by itself in water, or with a shake.

Greens First on the otherhand tastes nice and minty, but it's pretty pricey and who knows if it's as nutritious as Perfect Food.


did you switch because of satisfaction or the way you feel or based on taste and how's the change?


why not just use them all ? this idea of branding yourself to one product for the rest of your life is kinda dumb. everyone agrees that a wide variety of foods is the way to go. the wider the better.

of course you'll have products which are your favorites and will always go to but that doesn't mean you use them exclusively. i have a favorite protein powder but also have 2 other brands in the house and use them daily. you've really got nothing to lose and everything to gain this way.


Barley grass, alfalfa grass, wheat grass, roal jelly, bee pollen, licorice root, soy sprouts, among others.


I'd rather pick a product or product(s) that I believe are best and stick with them.

As I already pointed out, some of the products contain things that I don't want to consume.


Well most have all the grasses, but I agree about the bee pollen, royal jelly, licorice, and soy sprouts, and in addition echanacia.

These are substances that you either do not want to consume on a daily basis (licorice) or have been known to cause allergies in people who take for too long (echanacia, bee pollen).

Emerald is a good product, but it has extras like ginseng and astragalus which again may not be great for everyone every day. It also has no vegetable blend or algae.

Unfortunately I don't get commission for garden of life products, but their greens super food is the best product I have used.

It has stevia in it so it does not taste bad.


LOL. Have you tried the new blend with Stevia? Not half bad.


Yes it tastes like fresh grass clippings, but I have to say I immediately feel alkalized surge through my body more than any other product, IMO perfect food, just try it.


yes people do develop allergies and there are things in there you might not want. big deal. this is exactly why you should have a variety. there is no "best" supplement you can consume everyday forever, just like there is no "best" workout you can do everyday forever. your body is a living changing organism. the variety of foods you eat on a daily basis should at least match the variety of porn you consume. imho of course.


greens plus, emerald balance and the garden of life product are all good products. many of my better off clients rotate them just like protein powders.

i use mostly greens+ and even with my grain allergies i have no problems with it, oddly enough when not using it i have more eczema reactions.

as for the dead nutrients comment, that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. nutrients are not alive in any sense to begin with. all of the mentioned brands in this post have live bacterial cultures in them, these are called probiotics and should not be confused with nutrients as they simply seed your gut with healthy bacteria.


I guess the big deal is a question was asked which supplement was "best" and I gave him my opinion and the valid reasons for it. Would you say the same thing about protein powder? Rotate 3 brands, while 2 are inferior and have additional supplements not needed, just for the sake of variety.


I plan on ordering some Perfect Food if i can't find anywhere locally that sells it, anyone know of stores that carry? I'll post some feedback once i get my hands on it.


Yes order it from vitacost. I bought my last one from vitamin shoppe. I bought the 300 gram bottle for $33 something. I found it on VC at $46 for a 600 gram bottle, so yea.