Emelianenkos Training Log!

Hey, i’ve lurked here for a while but never been bothered to register.

I’m 20 years old, and i’m from England, and i’m studying a course in Engineering at University. I’ve been training in the gym since the end of September 2009 (so not very long really). I’ve posted a training log on another strength training forum before, and the feedback has been extremely helpful, so i’m hoping by posting here I can get feedback from more experienced lifters and take my training to the next level :). I’m 6 ft 2 inches tall, and i currently weigh about 89-90kg, at about 16-17% bodyfat.

I started out pretty weak, and even though i’m not even close to what i would consider strong now, I do think i’ve made many improvements. Here are my lifting stats:

Bench Press 1RM - 90kg(200lbs) (I know, this sucks), started out at around 60kg(130lbs). Although i’ve been making good progress here lately, so hopefully this number will change.
Squat 1RM - 145kg(320lbs), started out at about 50kg(110lbs)
Deadlift 1RM - 180kg(400lbs), started out at about 90kg (200lbs).
Overhead Press 1RM - 60kg (130lbs), started out at about 30kg (65lbs)

My (short term) lift goals by 1st october 2010:
Squat 5RM - 145kg
Deadlift 5RM - 185kg
Bench 5RM - 95kg
OHP 5RM - 60kg

I’m currently following bill starr’s 5x5 intermediate routine which i’ve made pretty good progress on, and am eating around 4,000kcals a day. Any advice on nutrition is welcome as i’m always learning. I feel like i am much more knowledgable about my training now than i was 6 months ago, however i realise i still have very, very, very much to learn.

I’ll be posting my session tomorrow