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Emelianenko v. Lindland

I’m surprised this fight hasn’t gotten any traction here. I am especially looking forward to it. Lindland has the grappling skills to make the fight (potentially) interesting. I don’t expect a Lindland win, of course. Then again, I didn’t expect a Serra win either. (And who can forget that Fujita was this close to KO’ing Emelianenko!)

On a somewhat related note, judging by this weigh-in pic, it looks like the younger Emelianenko has decided not to be such a fat ass:

Yeah, Alexander does look a little leaner than usual. A friend sent me some clips of that Pele guy (the one who is fighting Alexander Emelianenko) and he seemed decent

I have never watched a bodog fight event. What are the rules like (e.g. UFC or PRIDE)?

Without knowing anything about the event I would have to go with Fedor over Lindland simply because Fedor is Fedor. . Should be an entertaining event.

Yeah, we have posters all over the subway. Today’s the day.

Win or lose, Lindland is tough S.O.B. to get in there against Fedor, especially with the weight differential. Even with that, I expect Lindland to put forth an excellent showing. I don’t think he’ll win, but I think he’ll make the fight competitive and make Fedor earn the win.

Fedor handles wrestlers with a lot of ease, and I don’t Lindland will be an exception. Fedor will steam roll him. Granted, anything is possible after the last few weeks, but I see no scenario in which Matt could win. He will NOT get a decision against Fedor, seeing as how Calvin Ayre spent several million on getting Fedor and getting the venue in Russia that Fedor demanded for this fight.

Ayre also appoints all the ring side judges. 20,000 Russian fans are going to be there to see Fedor win, and if it goes to the cards, then damnit Fedor will win, deservingly or not.

But I will definetely be watching, any chance to see the best fighter in the world in action is foolish to pass up on.

Edit: Didn’t know about the delayed PPV. I live in Austria.

Last poster or a mod might want to edit those last posts. I guarantee people will be freaking out about them, as the PPV doesn’t air until 9pm EST.

If you want to put spoilers up, start a new thread and say something like “Bodogfight Spoilers,” not the victors in the title.

Stating the winner of a tape delayed PPV event is a monster dick move, and I would ban anyone who did so. That said, those who’s fight night is spoiled are also guilty, as they should:
-avoid the internet as a whole
-avoid all message boards
-avoid news sites connected to MMA

[quote]DrVonNostrand wrote:

Stating the winner of a tape delayed PPV event is a monster dick move, and I would ban anyone who did so.[/quote]

As I stated above, I didn’t know about the delayed PPV. How could I? Anyway, I edited my posts so I guess we all can let the cortisol levels drop now.

By the way, good luck with trying to get me kicked off a bodybuilding site for posting about an MMA event on the Off Topic forum, Doc…

I don’t care. Others would and do.
They’ll appreciate your actions to edit spoilers.

This issue will return for UFC 70, which will be tape delayed from England.
If you don’t want to see “OMG Werdum beats Arlovski,” stay away from forums and mma sites on the 21st.